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Stockings for Christmas


Owls for Middle Mudlet

Owls for Middle Mudlet

I was going to put the content of this post onto the end of my Christmas tree one but I felt that it needed a slot of its’ own, somewhere it could shine and get the recognition it deserved, a celebration of the skill and care shown by one of my friends to my three girls, through the making of these gorgeous Christmas stockings.

Snowmen for Eldest Mudlet

Snowmen for Eldest Mudlet

She will tell you of the umpteen flaws that she can see in each and every one, of how the cuff is too long and she couldn’t quite get them to look quite how she imagined them.

I will tell you of the delight and surprise of my girls, as they each took possession of their individual and unique gift, staring wide eyed with wonder at these beautifully crafted stockings and marveling at the sound of the bell on the toes.

Nice and pink for Little Mudlet

Nice and pink for Little Mudlet

These are gifts that will keep on giving pleasure and delight with each passing year and will remind them constantly of the thought and care put into each of them, by a dear friend who not only has her own home and family to run but struggles each day with Fibromyalgia.

The Mudlets thank you with all their hearts and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


12 thoughts on “Stockings for Christmas

  1. They are beautiful stockings. A lovely gift.

  2. Gorgeous! What a lovely gift. I love how each one is unique. I can see they’ll be loved.

  3. I echo the folk above – what a lovely gift. I’ve found that made gifts tend to stick with you just that little bit more.

  4. I love those stockings. They are all so unique and special. Now could you please swing me the recipe for the suet free dumplings with a home made soup. It sounded most delicious. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fabulous, new 2014. Best wishes!

  5. Dear LandRover’s Wife,

    It seems that the holiday season and my symptoms have calmed enough and i have had a moment FINALLY to catch up on your blog. Finding this post put a smile on my face and perhaps a tear or two. Thank you so much for loving them so well. It makes it all worth it knowing you all enjoy them. What a dear friend you are.

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