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Yule Log: Mary Berrys Swiss Roll


A successfully rolled Yule Log

A successfully rolled Yule Log

With Christmas Day literally just around the corner, today I decided I needed to get on and make a Yule Log. I tend to make one every year, with mixed results in terms of successful rolling but even if my sponge splits whilst I’m rolling it up, I still fill it with butter icing and smother it in a chocolate coating, simply referring to it as  Christmas Yule Log Pile.

I have to say that I have used the same recipe for each of the last 11 years but this year, I decided to use Mary Berrys’ Swiss roll recipe and see if that made any difference at all.

Yule Log 2013

Tipped onto a sugar dusted piece of paper slightly larger than the cake itself

The first thing I noticed was that for the size of my Swiss roll tine, Marys recipe had one more egg and an ounce more sugar and flour. This made the spreading out of the mixture much easier. I baked the cake for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and when I took it out I saw a much deeper and yet softer sponge.

Yule Log 2013Whilst the cake had been baking, I had cut off another length of my greaseproof paper, making sure it was slightly bigger than the tin, covered it lightly with caster sugar and it was onto this sheet of greaseproof that I now tipped my hot, fresh out of the oven cake. I carefully peeled the greaseproof used to line the tine off the bottom of the cake and left it to cool for a few minutes.

A successful roll

A successful roll

This was another deviation from my usual recipe but Mary specifically mentions letting the cake cool down for a short while before attempting to roll it but it is imperative that the cake is rolled whilst hot and not when cooled down completely.

With the Swiss roll, rolled up and sitting on the cooling rack, I quickly tidied around and made a biscuit mixture for the Mudlets to cut Christmas cookies out off. They still have these to decorate but I will put a picture up over the next day or so.

Yule Log

Yule Log

Once the sponge was cooled completely, I made some vanilla butter icing and carefully spread it over the inside of the cake before rerolling it, ready for its’ chocolate fudge icing outer coat. The fudge icing only took a few minutes to make and I used a warm pallet knife to smooth the icing over the sponge before once again, leaving it to cool down. Having used 80% cocoa butter chocolate, the icing wasn’t the sweetest and so to counteract this fact, I have also added a layer of melted white chocolate to the top of the cake, allowing it to ‘drop’ down the sides to try and replicate snow fall.

Some edible glitter and three plastic bits of holly have finished the log of really well and this will now be kept for Christmas Day. I hope to get some more baking done tomorrow but I haven’t made my mind up as to what exactly I’ll be baking. In the mean time I can sit back and admire my handiwork.

So the third recipe from Marys cake book and 97 to go.


7 thoughts on “Yule Log: Mary Berrys Swiss Roll

  1. Happy Christmas from wettest Somerset! Hope you have a lovely time. X

  2. Merry Christmas Elaine, to you, Mud and all the Mudlets. Have a fabulous time. Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! Merry Christmas to all of the Muds! x

  4. I’m admiring your handiwork as well 🙂

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