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Top in Sirdar Americana DK: Eldest Mudlets Christmas present


Unveiled: Eldest Mudlets Christmas gift

Unveiled: Eldest Mudlets Christmas gift

Well here it is, the oft mentioned but not as yet seen knitted project which was destined for Eldest Mudlets Christmas box. It is actually the 21st as I write this and so I don’t yet know what reaction I will get from her in respect of this particular gift but I do so hope she likes it.

Mud and I saw this pattern knitted up and in the window of the wool shop in Bolsover, way back in the summer when we went to visit the castle and both of us felt it would suit our eldest daughter, right down to the colour of the yarn used.

The long stitches were by far the trickiest part

The long stitches were by far the trickiest part

I popped into the wool shop to buy the pattern but, as it turned out, I could only buy the pattern if I bought the yarn I needed to make the top! I wasn’t impressed with this, although I do kind of understand why they have chosen to go down that route. I like to support Kate and Ian, the owners of our local craft shop but I did manage to get a look at the pattern number (Sirdar 9775), wrote it down and subsequently ordered it and the yarn (Sirdar Americana DK shade Freeport 202) from Kate.

The pattern was quite a quick knit, although I had to fit it in around various other commitments and the yarn was a joy to work with. The most difficult parts of the whole were:

  • making the long stitch part of the pattern (knit row wrapping the yarn round the needle 3 times in each stitch, or y3rn):
Making the triple loop for the long stitch

Sirdar Americana top Sirdar Americana top Sirdar Americana top

  • the row which involved slipping three stitches knitwise, knitting the next two stitches together and then passing the three slipped stitches back over the newly created stitch (or s3, k2tog, p3sso) and then carrying out the following instruction k1, yfwd, k1, yfwd, k1 ( or knit 1, put the yarn forward  knit another stitch, yarn forward again and then knit a third stitch) effectively creating 5 stitches and all of this was into the loop BELOW the actual stitch I was working!
One side completed - no shaping required

One side completed – no shaping required

NB: For those non-knitters amongst you a ‘yarn forward’ is the term used to describe the action needed to create a stitch on a knit row, AFTER a stitch has been intentionally dropped. On a knit row, the yarn is always on the side furthest away from the knitter and so by moving the yarn forward after knitting a stitch, you are relocating it to the side nearest to the knitter and are, therefore, effectively creating a new stitch because the yarn then has moved back over the top of the needle to enable you to knit the next stitch. This instruction also creates a hole in the pattern.

Anyway, with no shaping required in the body of the top (thank goodness) it was a relatively easy knit and the little capped sleeves took no time at all. I blocked the top to open up the pattern and then wrapped it and popped it away, ready for Santa to collect.

I do hope she likes it.

4 thoughts on “Top in Sirdar Americana DK: Eldest Mudlets Christmas present

  1. Love it. Lots of similar tops about at the moment.

  2. It’s really lovely. I like that it could be worn over a long sleeve top In winter and on its own in the summer.

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