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New year, new season, new seeds.

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These are looking stunning in the Brassica bed

The Kohl Rabi did better in the school garden than at home

 New year, new moon, new season. Well almost new season if you consider the fact that once the window sill decorations have been stowed away for another year, the space left will be rapidly filled with propagators containing tomato, chilli and leek seeds. So what better way for a gardener to mark this occasion than to order the seeds needed for the coming season which is exactly what I’ve done.

Yep, first thing this morning and I was happily filling my virtual basket at the Real Seed Catalogue with the seeds for both home and school I had picked out a few days ago. Bliss!

Some of the seeds I intend to grow in both gardens, splitting the contents and the cost but certain seeds, the Brassicas for example, are for the school only but, as with last year, I hope to be able to grow extra seedlings to sell. Gardening Club raised an astounding amount through plant sales last year.

So for those of you interested in the facts this is what I chose:

From the Real Seed Catalogue

Beetroot Sanguina  – home
Broccoli Green Heading Calabrese  school
Cabbage Quintal de Alsace  – school
Carrot Touchon – home
Cauliflower Magic Mix  – school
Chilli Ohnivec  – home
Cucumber Early Fortune  – home
Leeks Blue de Solaise  – home & school
Leek Jaune de Poitou  – home & school
Lettuce Optima  – school
Lettuce Really Red Deer Tongue  – home & school
Mangetout Bijou Giant Sugar Pea  – home & school
Mangetout Golden Sweet  – home & school
Parsnip Tender and True  – home
Pumpkin Cheyenne Bush  – home & school
Sweet Corn Special Swiss  – home
Tomato Cherry Chocolate Cherry – home & school
Tomato Cherry Stupice – home & school
Winter Squash Galeuse d’Eysines  – home
Winter Squash Hokkaido  – school

From the Garden Centre

Potato King Edward  – home

Saved Seed

Peas Purple Podded  – home & school
Pole Bean Cherokee Trail of Tears  -home
Pole Bean Rattlesnake — school
Runner Bean Czar  – home
Runner Bean Grandpas  – school

From Garden Gear

Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top  – school
Carrot Long Red Surrey  – school
Chilli Hungarian Hot Wax  – school
Courgette De Nice  – school
Parsnip Hollow Crown  – school
Tomato The Amateur  – school

From Morrisons ‘Lets Grow’ voucher scheme

Beetroot Moneta  – school
Carrot Purple Haze  – school
Courgette All Green Bush  – school
Courgette Tondo  – school
Sweet Corn Incredible – school
Winter Squash Winter Festival  – school

From Other sources

Farm Pea  – school (free from local farm)
Kohl Rabi Azure – school as they did best there ( from last years Real Seed Catalogue)
Onion Sets Mixed  – home & school
Potato variety unknown  – school (free from local farm)

That should keep both myself and my band of gardeners busy and, Mother Nature permitting, will hopefully result in a respectable harvest come Autumn 2014. Whatever happens, you can be sure that the highs and lows of each crop, will be recorded here.

I would like to wish all my readers, fellow bloggers and growers, where ever your craft, hobby or life in general takes you every success in 2014 and to thank you for your support and words of encouragement and/or advice during 2013.


One thought on “New year, new season, new seeds.

  1. What a fantastic selection of seeds! It’s so exiting to think that it’ll be sowing time again soon. Happy New Year to all the Muds xx

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