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Christmas sparkle


A bit more Christmas sparkle

A bit more Christmas sparkle

One of the major down sides with having solid fuel stoves, has to be the amount of ash they spread around the home and certainly with anthracite, it isn’t a super fine dust. Oh no! Ash particles in our house can range from salt grain size to chunks the size of Lego bricks which are really uncomfortable under foot.

In fact, such is the ash output in our house that we have given up trying to own smaller electricals such as microwaves (we’ve been through at least 4 in the 11 years we’ve lived here) and even toasters and kettles have a very limited life span once they come out of their boxes because, it would seem, they simply can’t cope with the levels of ash that float around out kitchen, caused by the riddling of the Rayburn and the emptying of the ash pan several times each day.

That said, I wouldn’t be without my Rayburn (most of the time) but it does mean that there is a lot of dusting and hoovering that needs to be done and it doesn’t take long for the downstairs rooms to look like they haven’t been touched for months.

So it was that I was a little frustrated when I got dear old Henry hoover out this morning and realised that his bag was in need of replacing and a rummage under the sink yielded the information that I didn’t have any left! Arrrgghh.

Now I know that these days having a vacuum cleaner that still requires a bag, is actually quite quaint and antiquated but vacuum cleaners are another small (and not so cheap) electrical item that have struggled to deal with the ash spewed out of the Rayburn. Even Henry is our second of this particular type of cleaner but these have at least lasted longer than the 6-12 months of other types and as for our bagless one …… it has coped okay with the ash itself, so long, that is, as I give its filter a thorough clean out and wash every single time I use the thing. Very labour intensive and not, in my opinion, an advance on the good old fashioned bagged variety.

Streamers in the kitchen ....

Streamers in the kitchen ….

So back to Henry and his need for a new bag. There was nothing for it I would have to go to town.

A short while later and I was in the shop I normally get the bags from but they didn’t have any. What they did have, however, was more of the incense sticks that we like to burn and they also had 50% off all the Christmas stuff in ‘Santas Attic’.

Unfortunately the incense sticks had been moved into the very back of ‘Santas Attic’ for the Christmas period which meant that I had no choice but to pop upstairs to get some ……. which in turn meant that I had to walk through all the Christmas decorations, ornaments and lights. What a hardship.

About 12 years ago, I bought a pack of re-useable Christmas window stickers from my local Avon representative and each year since then, I have arranged them on the lounge windows. Sadly, it would appear that many of these stickers have now lost their static stickiness and have been drooping and dropping almost daily this Christmas. Come Sunday, when I’m packing away the trimmings, those stickers which have lost their grip will be consigned to the bin and it is likely that less than half will survive for another year. That said, I can’t complain because in terms of value for money the stickers have to be at the top of the tree and have given many years of enjoyment.

With this in mind I thought that as I was having to walk through ‘Santas Attic’ anyway and with the 50% off everything sale,ย  I might just as well see if they had any suitable window stickers. They didn’t but then I have been kind of spoiled with the current set and every set they did have just wasn’t the same sort of quality.

Ah well, back to hunting out the incense sticks …… which I found ……. right next door to the room with all the garishly gaudy Christmas Lights in them which were also included in the sale (I checked). Just on the off chance and with my little bag of 20 incense sticks clutched firmly in my hand (the reason I was actually there if you recall) I browsed the shelves and then I saw it! The perfect replacement for the stickers – a Santa sleigh and reindeer window decoration!

Of course it goes without saying that at full price I would have walked on by but with 50% off I was hooked and so it was that an hour later I was proudly showing off my new purchase to Mud and the Mudlets.

...... and a few more in the lounge

…… and a few more in the lounge

The Mudlets were suitably impressed and were keen for me to try the decoration out which I did and it certainly looks bright and Christmassy. Muds reaction, on the other hand, was a slightly less than impressed ‘Isn’t it a bit tacky?’

So? And your point would be?

I have to say though that this comment was a bit rich coming, as it did, from the man who decided that it was acceptable to suspend foil streamers with a girth the size of your average dinner plate from our kitchen and lounge ceilings which, as I have said on more than one occasion, gives our cosy little cottage the appearance of the family room of the local pub.

People in glass houses…… pot, kettle, black etc Enough said I reckon.


6 thoughts on “Christmas sparkle

  1. Lovely, it is always great to feel you have a bargain and it will be so nice to get it out next year.

  2. I don’t think you can have too much at Christmas. More is definitely more… We took all of our decorations down today as we cleaned and tidied after our guests left. D is back at work tonight so it seemed a good plan. It all feels SO DRAB! So I’m enjoying your new decorations!

  3. Elaine…I think you are supposed to be taking the decorations down, not putting more up haha Mind, I’m the same with half price wrapping paper and bags etc. x

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