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Bright red, warm white

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'Warm White' lights add a cosy glow

‘Warm White’ lights add a cosy glow

Late morning Sunday, Mud the Mudlets and I headed off to Grimsby to do some supplementary shopping for school uniform: Middle Mudlet needed new school socks and a pair of track suit bottoms that weren’t half way up her legs, and thanks to a growth spurt, Little Mudlet needed two new pinafores.

Once in the supermarket Mud and the girls headed off to the technology section whilst I trawled the clothes area hunting out the bits we needed. I was still looking for track suit bottoms for Middle Mudlet when the three of them came back. Then as Mud started to explain why we needed the items he had in his hands, Little Mudlet started to cry and as we looked down at her we realised she was clutching her cheek.

I carefully pulled her hand away and we were stunned to see an angry red mark from just in front of her ear all the way to the front of her cheek where it ended in a graze! She had inadvertently walked into the end of a metal clothes rail, child head height which was protruding a short way into the walkway.

I asked a member of staff who happened to be near by if it was possible to get an ice pack onto Little Mudlets cheek, to try and reduce the bruising and any swelling. She immediately went in search of a first aider. A short while later the first aider arrived on scene and agreed that an ice pack was needed, so promptly headed off again.

My poor little girl

My poor little girl

Whilst we were waiting for him to come back the original member of staff returned clutching a bag of ice chippings she had scrounged from the fish counter which I thought was a pretty good example of thinking on your feet. I applied it to my poor little girls cheek and told her to hold it in place for a few minutes. At this point the first aider arrived back and, having been unable to get his hands on an actual ice pack, he had brought a bag of ice cubes from the freezer section which he had intended to fill a clear medical glove with, to form a makeshift ice-pack. Again a great example of quick thinking.

As the ‘fish’ ice was smaller, we all decided that Little Mudlet would keep her current ‘ice-pack’ and still holding it to her cheek, she and I headed off to try and locate the track pants for her sister. Mud and Middle Mudlet had gone to tackle the food part of the shop whilst I had waited with Little Mudlet for assistance.

candle glowNow while I have unending praise for the way in which the staff members reacted to the situation, both Mud and I were (and still are) bemused by the lack of ice-packs in the first aid kits. At the Mudlets’ school there is always a supply of those gel packs (the ones you squueze the packet to ‘snap’ the capsule inside and it instantly turns ice cold). Surely a large Supermarket which has a steady and constant stream of families with young children through its’ doors should be prepared for every eventuality like, for example, bumped heads! I would have thought ice-packs would have been a standard requirement in any first aid kit!

The picture of Little Mudlets cheek was taken just over an hour after the accident and shows the bright red, angry graze down the side of her face. She will have a noticeable graze, bruise and red mark to show her friends at school today.

On a brighter note, it took me 4.5 hours but I managed to get all the decorations down, packed away and the dusting and hoovering done yesterday. I was exhausted but the boxes are now stacked ready for Mud to move them back into the attic.

A matching set adds additional warmth to the room

A matching set adds additional warmth to the room

Mind you after I had managed to get the boxes neatly packed up and then sealed them with strips of duct tape, Mud complained as he had wanted me to keep the ‘warm white’ fairy lights which had been around the Christmas plant basket, out. Thankfully, as it turned out, these were in the very top box, at the very top of the box and so I was able to get them out and they are now back around the basket, with a matching set above the dining room window.

I prefer the ‘warm white’ colour of these lights to the set of ‘bright white’ ones we had above the dining room window last year, as I think it gives off a much warmer glow. Together with the candle light, it certainly makes the dining room look snug and cosy.


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  1. I too prefer the warm white lights! What an adventure…poor little Mudlet!

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