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King Cole top in Cobalt


Simple but effective, the textured yarn makes all the difference

Simple but effective, the textured yarn makes all the difference

The problem with following the blogs of other crafty types such as Love, Lucie, Mollie & Claire and Thegrangerange, is that all their exciting projects make my hands start to itch with the need to join in and make something, especially at this stage of the gardening year when there is little to be done in the garden during the day and the nights are very, very long. Since Christmas they have all been busy beavering away at various projects and Claire has several on the go at the moment which has really made me twitch with the need to be clicking away on the needles.

So, a few days ago, I started the hunt for my next project. A little something for me perhaps and I finally came across this King Cole pattern (3688) and immediately decided that this was the very thing and I even like the shade of yarn shown on the pattern.

King Cole Cobalt topA trip to my usual knitting supplies shop proved pointless, as they don’t actually stock any King Cole patterns or yarn and, as Kates’ husband Ian told me, they would have to put in aΒ  ridiculously large order across the range, to get me my pattern and yarn and they simply couldn’t justify it. So I was back to square one.

A lovely shade of purple blue (these pictures don't do it justice)

A lovely shade of purple blue (these pictures don’t do it justice)

Another trip to the internet and I came across Deramores which stocked the pattern and the yarn in the colour I wanted and so Wednesday morning Mud very kindly put through an order for the pattern, yarn and a new pair of 5mm bamboo needles for me. To my delight these arrived yesterday (Thursday) lunchtime which I think is a tremendous example of customer service.

The yarn is from the King Cole Opium range and is, as I’ve already mentioned, Cobalt. Depending on which site you look on it can appear either bright blue or purple but it is actually a really nice bluey purple colour.

It’s a blend of 54% cotton, 42% premium acrylic and 4% polyamide. Each ball is 100g (approximately 273 yards or 250m) and the yarn strand graduates from a thin, single thread to a much thicker, bushier section and back again and this helps form the pattern. It’s also a lovely feeling yarn which bodes well for the comfort of the finished garment.

Graduated wool thickness really makes a difference

Graduated wool thickness really makes a difference

The pattern itself is a straightforward 8 rows of knit (for those of you unfamiliar with knitting terms, consecutive rows of knit are referred to as garter stitch) followed by a single row of “knit 1, yfwd”(yarn forward) which creates a second loop for each stitch. The extra loops are dropped as each stitch is worked, in knit, along row 10. Simple.

The simplicity of the pattern means that it should knit up rather quickly but I really like the style of the top and simplicity is good sometimes. There are actually two variations of the top in the pattern but I have opted for the scoop neck rather than the boat neck.

I’ve already completed 2 sets of the pattern, in between other jobs but I hope to be able to dedicate a bit more time tonight and really make good progress.

8 thoughts on “King Cole top in Cobalt

  1. That yarn looks delicious. Does the changing thickness affect the speed of your knitting?
    Glad that we are all keeping you on your toes!

    • I love this yarn. It is so easy to handle and coupled with the straightforward garter stitch, is knitting up really quickly. However, I think it would be an extremely difficult yarn to use with a more complicated lace pattern.

  2. That is a lovely shade of blue and I really like that lacy effect, I can’t begin to imagine how you do that!

    • Thankyou πŸ™‚

      Actually the lace effect is caused by the thinner areas of the yarn being knitted on much larger needles than that fineness of yarn would normally require. The actual knitting itself is a basic garter stitch (all rows knit stitch).

      It just looks like it would be complicated πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  3. Very very nice! Like the colour! It’ll be one if those things that will layer really well.

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