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I spy with my little eye….


I spy with my little eye ... tomato seedlings after only 6 days!

I spy with my little eye … tomato seedlings after only 6 days!

I can be an impatient gardener and never is this more evident than when it comes to seed sowing and germination. Regardless of what the seed packet, gardening books, not to mention my own experience tells me about the realistic number of days between sowing and sprouting, I find myself peering into my propagators for signs of life, almost before I’ve had chance to put the lid on.

This year has been no different to previous ones so far, despite only having one propagator on the go at the moment containing the seeds of three varieties of chillis (minimum time to germination 21 days) and two kinds of tomatoes (germination at least 7 days). Every few house since the 9th January, I’ve glanced in at the seed tray but to no avail …… which shouldn’t be such a surprise really.

Then yesterday, 15th January, a mere 6 days after sowing the seeds, I saw it! The first seedling of the season, just breaking through the compost, slowly unfurling. Yay!!! I could hardly contain myself and grabbed the camera to take a picture to mark the occasion.

The 'Tim & Joey' chilli is growing nicely

The ‘Tim & Joey’ chilli is growing nicely

So I can solomnly announce that the first seedling of 2014 is …….ย  (drum roll please) ……. Tomato Stupice and to add the icing to the cake, so to speak, just an hour later the second Stupice seedling began to show itself. My growing season has officially begun.

Meanwhile, on the dining room window sill, the Little Elf Chillis are making slow but steady progress and the ‘Tim & Joey’ chilli now stands at around 12cm tall. It would seem that despite the warmth of the house, the shorter number of daylight hours and reduced sunshine during the day, has slowed these plants down somewhat but they are still healthy and should produce a lovely crop of early chillis – eventually.


8 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye….

  1. I’m impressed! I’ve only just started to plan this year’s garden. The poor winter garden is being hammered by hail as I type this. At least it is covered with some fleece. Maybe when we have some of the inside of this house back in order, I can follow your lead and set up pots with seedlings this early. Keep us posted on your success!

    • It’s hard to imagine right now but in a few short months our cottage will be groaning with the number of propagators, seedlings and young plants, all vying for space and all awaiting transplanting into the garden or moving to the greenhouses.

      This year Mud won’t be able to complain too much though, as I have had to put up with freshly painted, very fumey (I’m thinking I’ve invented a new word there) Land Rover parts, being baked in my warming oven throughout Christmas and into early January ๐Ÿ˜€

      I hope your garden hasn’t been battered too hard by the hail.

      • You bake your car?

        And I’d go with fumey as a word — it is very evocative!

        • Lol, I don’t bake my car but Mud bakes the newly painted small parts of his 60 yr old series Land Rover because he’s desperate to get her ready for MOT and back on the road. His workshop is unheated and in this weather the paint simply won’t dry and so he uses the warming oven to do the job ๐Ÿ™‚

          Of course I grumble but he now can’t complain when the cottage starts to resemble a greenhouse ;):)

  2. So exciting! I can feel your enjoyment at the start of the 2014 growing season!

  3. There is something quite fantastic about seeing seedlings break through the soil and grow, I feel the same about the buds on trees in springtime, it’s like watching the world unfurl into life again after the winter.

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