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A piece of cake

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Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

With the Mudlets safely deposited at school, I turned my attention to a most pressing matter – what on earth could I make to put into their pack ups. It needed to be something quick but scrumptious and if I could make it chocolately as well, then all to the good.

The Mudlets packed lunches are quite simple really consisting, as they do, of a sandwich/buttered crackers/or some form of savoury pastry, yoghurt, crisps , a sweet treat such as a piece of cake, bun or chocolate biscuit and sometimes a piece of fruit. The girls tend to eat plenty of fruit as snack items anyway, so I don’t always put some in for their lunch.

A chocolate tray bake was the simplest and quickest option

A chocolate tray bake was the simplest and quickest option

Today, however I knew that we were short of the sweet treat and so it was out with my scales, mixing bowl and a selection of ingredients from my baking cupboard and I set to work.

White chocolate topping

White chocolate topping

I decided that the easiest and quickest thing to make was a basic chocolate tray bake and it took me less than 10 minutes to combine the ingredients needed for one and then it was into the oven for 40 minutes. I used a basic Victoria Sandwich recipe for this bake, as it is one I know by heart and so saves time. It is also a straightforward recipe to follow: 6oz of everything (self raising flour, margerine, caster sugar and eggs), into a bowl and mixed together until combined. For a chocolate variant, I substitute 1 oz of the flour with 1 oz of cocoa.

Into my greased and lined baking tray and there you have it – 30 to 40 minutes later (180c/350f and gas mark 4), a lovely chocolate tray bake.

Once cooled, I split the sponge in two and spread white chocolate butter icing over one half before replacing the top of the sponge which I then covered with the rest of the white chocolate. I cut it into squares and the Mudlets found two small squares each in their pack ups.

One cake and two happy Mudlets, can’t ask for better than that really.


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