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Chilli wraps


Not a bad first attempt

Not a bad first attempt

When Mud got back from shopping last Sunday, I could see that he had bought more than was on the list – again!

“Thought I may as well get enough meat for a couple of weeks”, he said.

It soon transpired that he and his shopping companion on this particular trip, Middle Mudlet, had worked out a series of meals as they went and ensured that they got all the components needed.

“I thought we could have a nice hot chilli one night”, he stated, when he spotted me looking slightly perplexed at a 750g packet of minced beef.

For the record, Mud doesn’t like minced beef, despite protestations that cottage pie is one of his favourite meals! Furthermore he has always insisted that chilli should be made using strips of rump steak and that he doesn’t really like chillis made with mince.

So to find him in possession of half a bullock worth of mince was surprising to say the least. I should also point out at this juncture that only Mud and I will eat chilli, especially a hot one and so there was going to be an awful lot of the stuff to get through!

So Tuesday afternoon I made a huge batch of chilli in my stock pot and left it to simmer until Mud got home shortly after 8.30pm. I served it with brown rice and a bowl of Mexican Potato Wedges (not homemade) for himself and without rice but with grated mature cheddar for me.

The chilli was hot, due in no small measure to the half teaspoon of my volcanic home grown and ground cayenne powder and, surprise surprise (not), there was enough to fill and brim two large foil freezer tubs!

Obviously Mud had enjoyed the chilli because he wanted it for Thursdays tea as well.

Homemade tortilla wrapsBut what to serve it with? Rice and wedges again? Mud opted for wedges but I really fancied something different.

I turned to the internet for inspiration and came across this recipe for homemade tortillas and decided to give it a go. The recipe is for 60 tortillas, so I chose to quarter the quantities and set to work.

An hour later I had 8 wraps which although not exactly round, looked and tasted the part ……. BUT to keep them soft and pliable I had to store them in a clean, damp tea towel (a tip I picked up from a Google search).

I suspect there wasn’t enough butter in the dough but I don’t know for sure. All that matters is that Mud was very impressed and enjoyed his chilli wraps.

There is still one more container in the freezer and Mud has asked me to make more wraps to go with it ……. I think he may need to wait until I’ve developed some stronger muscles – rolling them out took more energy than kneading bread dough and I’m not getting any younger you know!

4 thoughts on “Chilli wraps

  1. D regularly goes off list which drives me nutty, though not with meat, cos we’re veggies! A classic is buying a jar or packet of something I make from scratch, like pasta sauce or custard! Your tortillas look delicious! I love wraps. 😃

  2. This is making me drool. YUM!

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