The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

We’re a three Ferrari family


Lego Ferrari vehiclesWell technically it’s two Ferrari cars and a Scuderia Ferrari truck ……. and I maybe should explain that they’re all Lego models but a girl can dream.

Arriving home from Head Office the other night, Mud dumped a carrier bag on the kitchen worktop.

Lego Ferrari vehicles“What’s in the bag”, I asked.

“Look”, Mud said opening the bag up.

Inside were four little Lego Ferrari kits which Shell had been selling as part of a promotion. The promotion had come to an end and the garage had been selling off the last few packets. Mud had bought 4 of them: two of the trucks and one each of the F40 and the 458 Italia.

“Oh, how lovely, you got two each for the girls!”

“Err, no” Mud corrected me, “The trucks are for me and Richard [a workmate] and the girls can have a car each!”

Lego Ferrari vehiclesSilly me. Fancy thinking that my husband had bought the TOY Lego kits for his, you know, CHILDREN!

Needless to say the girls were thrilled and had each built their car before school. I have to say that these little models are fantastic. They have ‘pull back and go’ mechanism built into the chassis which means the Mudlets can actually race each other.

Unfortunately, being front heavy, Muds truck may just about be able to out pace your average snail, providing there isn’t a headwind but it hasn’t a hope against the little cars.

All in all a Lego Ferrari vehiclesnice trio of little sets with, I would say, a few set specific bricks and at only £3.99 each, a real bargain.

So to summarise:

  • Little Mudlet got a Lego Ferrari F40;
  • Middle Mudlet got a Lego Ferrari 458 Italia; and
  • Mud and Richard (the workmate), each got a Lego Scuderia Ferrari truck.

What’s that?

What did I get?

Not a bean!

Not that I’m saying anything you understand …… but then I really shouldn’t have to, should I!?

5 thoughts on “We’re a three Ferrari family

  1. I’m sure he left the huge bouquet of flowers in the land rover.

  2. Haha! D came home today with the shopping AND four packets of AAA batteries (no, I have no idea) and two enormous bags of wedges (not on the list!)

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