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King Cole top in Cobalt: front finished


The finished scooped neck front piece.

The finished scooped neck front piece.

After a slow start in terms of progress on the front section, I’ve actually managed to rattle on at a faster pace and I finished the front yesterday.

As this pattern is for a top with neckline, it meant that part way through the front section I needed to split one row, so that I could knit up one side of the neckline to the shoulder, first. Once the first side was finished, I had to rejoin the yarn to the split row and knit up the other side.

Thankfully, even the split and then the decreases for the scooped neckline were easy, especially after I’d located my stitch holder and was able to leave the remaining stitches on this, rather than a length of thicker spare yarn, threaded through the stitches ( which I have done before).

Splitting the row to knit the first side of the neck

Splitting the row to knit the first side of the neck

I always worry about stretching at the split when I do a pattern like this, especially on an adult size with the weight of the piece pulling as I work. I take extreme care to lift and turn the whole piece of work, at the start of each row, to minimise the weight burden on the split area. However, the split row in the front section of this project seems to have survived the knitting process quite well and I am happy with how it looks.

So with no sleeves to knit, the next job is to join the right shoulder and pick up and knit the stitches along the neckline, required to make the neckband.

NB: I have been really frustrated trying to get a photo showing the true colour of the yarn, without much success and so today I have been playing with the photo editor and these two shots are as close as I can get to the actual colour of my top. Unfortunately to get the yarn right I’ve had to sacrifice the colour of the rug and sofa but I can live with that. I would say the the Cobalt colour is probably in the middle of the shades shown across these two pictures and is a gorgeous blue/purple but with the depth shown in the picture illustrating the split row.

6 thoughts on “King Cole top in Cobalt: front finished

  1. The colour looks so pretty, I would say it makes me think of that lovely purple/blue of pansies.

  2. Speedy, speedy! Wow, such a quick make. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Such a nightmare getting across true colours this time of year. Had you thought we might all be viewing them differently any way through our various monitors and tablets?

  3. Glad to have found your site – love the colour! I spend far too long trying to get the ‘right’ colour on my photos. I know that many of us see colour slightly differently anyway but it really matters to me that I publish what I’m seeing (or what I think I’m seeing if you see what I mean…). Anyway!!! Hope to see the finished article soon.
    I also agree about stretching knitting. I’ve often wondered if someone should market a halter neck bib to rest the piece in as it increases in weight – but how daft would we look?

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