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Chilli, Cayenne (from saved seed)


This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Cayenne
Sown indoors: 9th January 2014
First Seedling: 22nd January 2014
Germination: 13 to 27 days
Germination ratio: 6/10 seeds sown

I have grown this variety for several years but this year I am trying to grow successful and productive plants from seed saved from last years crop.

Just breaking through the compost

Just breaking through the compost (the seedling is a tomato)

17th February: 4 weeks old and as is the habit of chilli seedlings, this little one and its’ fellows have all stopped growing for now, as it adjusts to its’ new pot and throws out some more root growth.

Chilli Cayenne This next photo was taken just after the seedlings were given a feed from a friends wormery. It remains to be seen what effect this extremely nutritious liquid has on the growth of the young plants.

 2nd March: Now 8 weeks old:

Chilli Cayenne 15th March: 10 weeks old,

Chilli Cayenne

7th April: At nearly 14 weeks old, the plants are finally starting to gain height and more leaves.

Chilli Cayenne   Chilli Cayenne

17th May: As with the tomatoes these seedlings had to be transplanted into fresh all purpose compost when it became apparent that there was an issue with the stage 2 stuff they were in. They have been very slow to recover but, although it may not look like it from this picture, have now started to show signs of fresh growth.

Chilli Cayenne

7th June: Just a bit of a difference in two weeks but I did give these a feed a week ago.

Chilli Cayenne   Chilli Cayenne

24th June: These plants are now growing at a quite startling rate of knots and now have the first flowers forming. I have also started to placing two of theses plants outside during the day (back in greenhouse over night), to see just how much difference the natural, unfiltered light and a bit of rain can make to the growth. Obviously the outside plants will be subjected to slightly cooler temperatures than the greenhouse ones. All the plants were the same sort of size to start with.

Chilli Cayenne  Chilli Cayenne

6th July: It’s hard to believe these are the dame plants but they have really put on some speedy growth over the alt couple of weeks. The two plants which have been outside during sunny days are really looking healthy and are growing slightly quicker.  However, flowers are forming on the inside plants.Chilli Cayenne

15th July: open flowers

Chilli Cayenne

25th July: Chillies!!!

Chilli Cayenne  Chilli Cayenne

7th September: A respectable number of chillies for a pant grown from saved seed.

chilli cayenne

17th September: And just 10 days later the chillies are turning a vibrant red colour.

chilli cayenne


3 thoughts on “Chilli, Cayenne (from saved seed)

  1. I know you posted this a long time ago but what did you feed you chillies and how often

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