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Chilli, Ohnivec


This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Ohnivec
Sown indoors: 9th January 2014
First Seedling: 24th January 2014
Germination: 15 days
Germination ratio: 7/10 seeds sown

This is a new variety to me and it has come from the Real Seed Catalogue. I chose this variety because it looked stunning in the catalogue picture, is supposedly a hot chilli but, in addition, it purports to get to nearly 1 foot in length and 2 inches wide!!!

Just breaking through

Just breaking through

10th February: At 2.5 weeks old, the seedlings are doing well and are developing their first true leaves:

Chilli Ohnivec

3rd March: The seedlings are approximately 8 weeks old. Today they have received a liquid feed from my friends wormery which will hopefully give them plenty of extra nutrients.

Chilli Ohnivec

15th March: 7 weeks old

Chilli Ohnivec   Chilli Ohnivec

4th April: The seedlings are growing nicely and at a faster rate than the other varieties.

Chilli ohnivec

17th May: These seedlings are now standing at around 4 to 5 inches tall and, like the other varieties, have spent the last few weeks recovering from a urgent transplant into fresh all purpose compost after we had realised there was a problem with the compost they had originally been repotted into.

Chilli Ohnivec

5th & 7th June: What a change in just a few weeks. These were also given a feed about a week ago.

Chilli Ohnivec   Chilli Ohnivec

21st June: I’ve potted the plants into much a much larger size of pot and during the day, I am leaving them outside to soak up the sunshine and rain. I am still bringing them back in at night though, as the air temperature can feel quite chilly at night.

Chilli Ohnivec

23 June: Whilst putting the chillis back into the greenhouse for the night I spotted the first of the flowers forming

Chilli Ohnivec

6th July: The flowers are taking forever to open 🙂

Chilli Ohnivec

15th July: These plants are over two foot tall now and the first flowers have opened.

Chilli Ohnivec

25th July: open flowers and the first tiny chilli.

Chilli Ohnivec  Chilli Ohnivec

31st July:

Chilli Ohnivec

9th August:

Chilli Ohnivec 14th August: This bunch of chillis are between 4 to 5 inches in length. It has been a very wet and much cooler over the last few weeks and so the plants have been in the greenhouse but spent the previous 3 weeks or so outside.

Chilli Ohnivec

20th August: These chillis are over 6 inches in length now and keep on growing.

Chilli Ohnivec   Chilli Ohnivec


5 thoughts on “Chilli, Ohnivec

  1. I grew Ohnivec last season, Southwest France, very productive and easy to grow. Early season green mild heat good flavour, late season orange/red very hot. the tip of the chili is milder than the stem end. Saved seed, germinated well.

  2. I’m jealous, Ohnivec seeds are seeming to be unavailable here in the US. I’ve been looking for weeks for a supplier and have taken to forums and blogs to find them. Are you still growing these?

    • Hi Jacob,

      I’m afraid not. They were amazing to look at but didn’t do too well in our part of the UK. Also my other half wasn’t as keen on those as he was on other varieties, although they pickled beautifully and looked amazing in my large Kilner jar.

      I got my seeds from this UK based company It may be worth contacting them because they may have a better idea as to where you could find a source in your part of the world. Good luck in your search for them.

  3. I’ve mentioned your blog to my lovely sister! She has just got an allotment and I think your posts will be really helpful to her 🙂

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