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Jewellery box and Tech Deck RackWith my latest knitting project completed, thoughts turned to ‘what next’ and I decided that it was Little Mudlets turn to have something knitted. So I trawled the Sirdar site to see what patterns they had.

There wasn’t a whole lot of choice, if I’m honest and at one point I was beginning to think that I might have to order online again, as my local craft shop only has a small number of suppliers (Sirdar being one of them). I do like to support my local shop where possible but it can be very limiting.

Thankfully I manage to shortlist 5 potential patterns which I showed to Little Mudlet. After some careful thought she chose Sirdar pattern 9419 and Summer Stripes DK in Gypsy (shade 319). The yarn is a 60/40 cotton /acrylic blend and looks to be very pink!

From experience I believe it will be the end of February before the yarn and pattern arrive.

The Jewellery Box and Rack are painted

The Jewellery Box and Rack are painted

In the mean time I thought I would share some more of the Mudlet makes with you, starting with Little Mudlets wooden jewellery box craft set she got from a friend for her birthday in October. As this involved wood and wood glue, this was definitely a daddy project. After a couple of months waiting and repeated promptings, the other week Little Mudlet, with Muds’ help, started to maker her box. It was quite fiddly, I believe, but eventually after a couple of hours, the structure was assembled and was left overnight to allow the wood glue to dry.

The climbing rose looks pretty good.

The climbing rose looks pretty good.

Over the next few days Little Mudlet set about painting and decorating her little box, using the various paints, glitter glue, stickers and sparkly ‘gems’ which had come with it. She even painted a climbing rose, using the highly technical ‘dabbing’ method, up one side of the front which looks quite effective. The jewellery box is definitely very colourful and is finished, barring a few more gems which she may or may not decide to stick on and she is justifiably proud of the finished item.

Before glitter and gems but Little Mudlet is rightly proud of her work.

Before glitter and gems but Little Mudlet is rightly proud of her work.

Alongside the making of the jewellery box, Mud also helped Middle Mudlet make a rack on which to display her ‘Tech Deck’ finger skateboards. A friend had given her one as a surprise gift a few months ago and it had soon become a firm favourite of hers. Apparently, there are several tricks you can do with these things, non of which she has mastered just yet but she keeps on trying. Anyway, she now has five of them and intends to collect others and so Mud suggested they made a rack for them, to keep them safe.

A couple of weeks ago he took Middle Mudlet shopping for a length of timber, some gloss paint and a packet of hooks.

First job was to work out the spacings for the hooks, two per skateboard and as there were 25 hooks in a packet, that meant there was enough for 12 boards with one hook spare (this spare was a lucky coincidence as it turned out). They arranged the boards down the timber to judge how far apart they would need to be and then Mud showed Middle Mudlet how to measure and mark up the hook spacings for the first two boards. He then left her to work out and mark up the remaining spacings which she did and they now knew how long the rack needed to be.

Middle Mudlet sanded her rack into shape

Middle Mudlet sanded her rack into shape

Next the timber had to be cut to size and at this point Middle Mudlet came up with the idea of rounding the edges of the timber because, she as she pointed out, this would make it look like a large Tech Deck. Obviously, Mud used the jig-saw to cut out the shape of the rack but our daughter was then given the task of using sandpaper to sand down the edges, until they were nice and smooth. I love to see the faces of children when they are given what they would normally consider a ‘grown-ups’ task to do, and she thoroughly enjoyed taking on the responsibility of achieving an acceptable finish and, to be fair, she did really well, needing only a smidgen of help from daddy.

With the shaping of the actual back plate of the rack now completed, it needed to be painted, first using an undercoat which then had to be left to dry overnight, and then a coat of ‘One coat’ gloss in ‘Marina’ blue which Middle Mudlet had chosen. Unfortunately the painting covered over the spacing marks and so once the gloss had dried and hardened off, Middle Mudlet had the job of remarking all the spacings which, using a pilot drill, Mud then drilled out slightly to help make it easier to twist the threaded hooks into.

Mud then proceeded to screw in the first two pairs of hooks and then left Middle Mudlet to complete the job. It was hard work and by the time she had put the first hook from the seventh pair in, her hands were getting a little tired.

Finished! Middle Mudlet proudly shows off her Tech Deck Rack

Finished! Middle Mudlet proudly shows off her Tech Deck Rack

“I can’t get the 14the hook to screw in,” she said, “My wrists are hurting.”

“That’s okay,” Mud reassured her, “It is a hard job and you’ve done really well. I’ll come finish it off for you.”

Famous last words. In the event even Mud couldn’t get the hook to screw in and came to the conclusion that this particular hole happened to be directly into a knot in the wood, in fact the knot was so tough it actually snapped the threaded part off the hook. Even an attempt to drill through the knot was a failure, as it snapped the end of the drill bit instead! Mud thought about it for a second and decided the only way to solve the problem was to site the hook slightly out of alignment with the others and hope that by doing so he would bypass the knot.

Success. With the spare hook finally in place, the rest followed relatively quickly and before long Middle Mudlet was able to pop her Tech Decks into their holders and proudly show off her first ever bit of DIY. All that is needed now is for Mud to pop a hook into her bedroom wall and she’ll be able to admire not only her Tech Decks but her hand made display rack as well.

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  1. I’ve got one woodworker and one who can’t be coaxed to pick up any sort of tool. Love the tech deck rack in particular.

    As for knitting patterns, are you on ravelry? There’s gazillions of patterns and photos of finished objects to browse and help you make your choices.

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