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Little Mudlet bakes a cake.


Coffee slice as baked by Little Mudlet

Coffee slice as baked by Little Mudlet

The trouble with having two children at the same school but a few academic years apart, is that sometimes one of them gets to do something that the other can’t.

Unfortunately for Little Mudlet, she is usually the one who misses out at the moment, especially in respect of after school clubs. So far all the after school clubs have been aimed at years 3 to 6 and so, as a year 2, she isn’t overly impressed and the fact that Middle Mudlet can and does attend all three of the current clubs, is a bit of a sore point. To be fair, two of the three clubs have been split into blocks and the younger years will get a chance to do them later on but that is of little comfort to my youngest daughter.

She creamed, beat, sieved and folded the ingredients

She creamed, beat, sieved and folded the ingredients

Today was running club and that meant that Middle Mudlet would be spending an extra hour in school, as despite the cold and lightly snowy weather, the session was going ahead. This is actually quite an important club for Middle Mudlet as she isn’t a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination, has the most ungainly and uncomfortable looking running gait I have ever seen which, in turn, affects the speed at which she can run. This leads to unhappy Sports Day experiences and no amount of saying ‘well you are extremely clever and you can’t have everything’ can ever ease her disappointment in her performance.

A two toned cake

A two toned cake

However, Middle Mudlet is a determined soul, not one to give up easily and so as soon as running club was introduced, asked if she could join so that she could work on her abilities, speed and fitness. At first we were a little dubious as we didn’t want her to put herself under undue pressure but her grit and determination won out and her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and she has made huge gains overall.

But what to do with Little Mudlet? She really doesn’t like leaving her sister behind at school and feels more than a little hard done to and so today I hatched a plan, a distraction technique ……. we were going to bake a cake. I have to say that her little face lit up when she found out that we were going to do our own special cooking club once we got home.

Coffee and vanilla cake ready for butter icing

Coffee and vanilla cake ready for butter icing

A short while later, wearing her apron and chefs hat, we began beating and folding the ingredients needed to make a coffee and vanilla cake. Actually, my little girl will tell you, she has made two cakes and to be fair she is correct.

First off, she creamed together 4oz of margerine with 4oz of caster sugar, adding a spoonful of the flour to the mixture to help prevent curdling when the eggs were added. Two beaten eggs were then added, along with a tablespoon of very strong coffee. Next the remainder of the 4 oz of flour and teaspoon of baking powder were folded in before spooning the mixture into a greased and lined 8inch by 10 inch baking tray. Little Mudlet then carefully spread the mixture out whilst I quickly washed up the utensils ready for the second cake.

Making the second cake batter was identical to the first other than substituting vanilla extract in place of the coffee. Once the batter was ready, it was carefully spooned and then spread over the coffee mixture and then went into the Rayburn for 40 minutes at approximately 180 degrees.

First slice went to the master baker

First slice went to the master baker

With the cake cooled we had to decide what we were going to do with it and decided on a coffee butter icing in the center and a thick coffee glace icing for the top. Once the glace icing had hardened off a little, Little Mudlet was the recipient of the very first slice of the cake and decided with all the modesty of a self-confident 7 year old, that it was the best coffee cake ever and, to be honest, I don’t think she was far wrong.

All in all a pretty successful damage limitation exercise and a yummy cake to show for it.


9 thoughts on “Little Mudlet bakes a cake.

  1. That looks delicious, what a talented little baker. I’ll have to try out that recipe, coffee cake is my son’s favourite!

  2. A child after my own heart. Glad to see you’re training them young. One of my favourite things is baking with my daughter.

  3. What a gem! I love stories like this!

  4. ROFL! I knew there wouldn’t be a slice for me! Its just too yummy!

  5. Oooh delicious. My favourite cake!

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