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Little Mudlets Sirdar Summer Stripes cardigan


4 rows of garter stitch edging and 2 sets of pattern rows

4 rows of garter stitch edging and 2 sets of pattern rows

After careful consideration, I made the decision to order the pattern and yarn for Little Mudlets cardigan from Deramores online shop. It was a difficult decision because I do like to support my local shop where possible.

You see the problem is the yarn! My local shop only stocks a very limited selection of yarns and a significant number of these are baby yarns which is great if you are knitting for new arrivals but not so good for older children and adults.

Don’t get me wrong, they will order yarn in if they can but there in lies the problem: they have to order in bags of ten of any given yarn and /or colour.

Sirdar Summer StripesSo for Little Mudlets cardigan I need 5 balls of yarn which means the craft shop will be left with the other 5 balls to try and sell. They already have the 6 balls left over from Eldest Mudlets Christmas present and I can still see the remaining balls from a cardigan I made for Middle Mudlet a few years ago, taking up space on the shop shelves. So I stall at the thought of potentially lumbering them with yet more left over specially ordered yarn.

So late Thursday night Mud kindly put through an order to Deramores for Sirdar pattern number 9419, five 50g balls of Summer Stripes in Gypsy, a pair of 4mm single point bamboo needles and a card of three pink daisy buttons.

Three pretty little daisy buttons

Three pretty little daisy buttons

The parcel arrived early afternoon today (Saturday), to the surprise and delight of Little Mudlet. The yarn is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and feels very nice to work with. The pattern panel is just 4 rows and is knitting up nicely.

Just one last point before I finish: when Little Mudlet chose her yarn off the Sirdar website, she picked Gypsy but the colour on Sirdar bares little resemblance to that shown on Deramores, although both are shades of pink. In the event the yarn received was closer to that shown on Deramores.

Click on these two links and you’ll see what I mean:

Sirdar Summer Stripes Gypsy as per Sirdar;

Sirdar Summer Stripes Gypsy as per Deramores.

7 thoughts on “Little Mudlets Sirdar Summer Stripes cardigan

  1. I understand you wanting to support your local wool shop but it seems they are in a ‘no win’ situation. They will surely be left with half a bags or a couple of balls, every time someone wants to order something, either large or small, which must eat into their profit margin. Couldn’t they offer to buy a small quantity online, like you have, and put on a small mark up? Better for business surely?

    • Oh now that’s a good idea. I’ll broach the subject with Kate when it comes time to order the yarn for Middle Mudlets sweater – she had chosen a King Cole pattern which has a very specific yarn (with sequins) and I know the shop doesn’t stock King Cole at all.

  2. That is going to be a sweet little sweater. When I read the title of your post my first thought was, “Hmm ‘sweater’ and ‘summer’ are two words you rarely hear in the same sentence in these parts.” My daughter keeps asking me to teach her to knit. She doesn’t seem to understand that I have to know how to do it first. Can’t wait to see it when it is done.

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