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Sirdar Summer Stripes cardigan: the back, an update


I think this is a stunningly pretty pattern and yarn - but then i'm biased

I think this is a stunningly pretty pattern and yarn – but then I’m biased

As promised to My Home Makes, here is a very short update on the progress of this very pretty little cardigan. I love the way the yarn is knitting up almost as much as Little Mudlet does and she is very impatient for me to get it finished.

I have just decreased for the armholes and have nearly finished the first ball of yarn. I was quite surprised at the depth of contrast between the three colour stripes but it still isn’t anywhere near as bright as the colour swatch shown on the Sirdar website.

6 thoughts on “Sirdar Summer Stripes cardigan: the back, an update

  1. It’s looking really really lovely!

  2. Ooh fab! Recognise the pattern, dus it myself last year in a pink, yellow & green combo for the niece. Not as tasteful as yours!

  3. This is lovely, I wish I could knit that well. I have so far made scarves, tea cosies and a hat but my challenge this year is to find a beginners pattern to make a jumper. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

    • Hi Greenhousestarter,

      I have just finished a really easy top (King Cole in Cobalt – posts filed under …. on knitting) which might be just what you need to build your confidence. I didn’t even have to decrease for the sleeves which is often the worst part, as it was knitted up as part of the back and front sections. There are no complicated stitches or combinations with this pattern, just the occasional row of K1, yrn (yarn round the needle to form a second loop) and then the following row you knit the stitch and then drop the loop which creates the long stitch row. It really is an easy pattern.

      As for the Summer Stripes one, again it is really easy consisting of a 4 row panel as follows:

      Row 1: K1, (k2tog) twice, (yfwd K1) four times, (k2tog) twice to the end of the row, last stitch is a K;
      Rows 2 & 3: knit to end; and
      Row 4: purl!

      Simple. It is the K2tog that create the raised part of the edge but it looks so effective. Even the decrease for the armholes in the back is easy and the pattern tells you how to restart the pattern once the decrease is complete and the straight edge of the armhole is starting.

      Obviously the shoulders, neck and sleeve tops will need some shaping but you will get that with any pattern. I’d just go for it πŸ™‚ The temptation is to find a jumper/top with just a basic stocking stitch but the danger is that you will get bored and loose interest. If you can do knit and purl then you can do anything.

      Mrs Mud

      • Hi Mrs Mud

        Thanks for your encouraging words, how kind! I will read your knit posts and give it a go. I like your confidence in my abilities – yes I can knit and purl so maybe, just maybe, I can make a jumper. It won’t matter if it is a bit wonky, I’d be pleased with it. Thanks again and carry on knitting.


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