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Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: back finished

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The back piece is now finished

The back piece is now finished

Well the back section of Little Mudlets cardigan is finished and I am really happy with the end result. The muted shades of pink and purple look really pretty and my youngest daughter loves it.

I always appreciate a pattern which seeks to aid the knitter as much as possible and this one is brilliant.

From my enthusiastic reporting of the fabulous way my previous project, the King Cole top in Cobalt, incorporated the making of the sleeves into the knitting up of the front and back sections of the garment, it will come as no surprise to learn that I believe any pattern which makes anything to do with the sleeves easier, would be considered a gem. My current project is just such a pattern.

In my opinion, one of the hardest parts of a pattern with sleeves, is keeping track of where abouts you are in a pattern row, following decreasings:

  • How far into the row have I come?
  • What stitch sequence am I starting on?

It can get quite complicated, especially with intricate patterning which doesn’t really describe my current project but I’ll accept help wherever it is offered. Having knitted to the length of 21cm as instructed, I reached the point where it was necessary to decrease for the armhole.

The pattern for this particular garment is easy, consisting as it does of two rows of knit, one row of purl and then one row of pattern but it was at the start of this pattern row that I now found myself . Even though it was a pretty simple set of stitch sequences, after dropping the required 11 stitches at the start of the row 2 rows earlier, I still needed to work out just exactly where in the sequence I was.

The Left front is starting with the darker pink

The Left front is starting with the darker pink

Only I didn’t!

Unbelievably the pattern had done it for me and the next line of instructions told me what stitch combination I now needed to do and so I was able to continue almost without pausing for breath and, as this particular top has straight armholes instead of shaped ones, there was no more decreasing required and I had soon rattled my way through the remaining rows and before I knew it I had shaped the shoulders and cast off the rest of the stitches.

I have now cast on the left front and the yarn colour is just starting to turn the darker pink which comes before the purple. Little Mudlet is intrigued by these colour bands and thinks I am super clever for putting stripes into her cardigan.

One thought on “Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: back finished

  1. That is going to be lovely when it is finished.

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