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You learn something new every day


'Potato Leaf' tomato seedling

‘Potato Leaf’ tomato seedling

I have been growing tomatoes from seed for a few years now and I arrogantly thought I knew what a tomato seedling looked like and more specifically the leaf on a seedling.

I was wrong!

Well, okay not wrong exactly. I know what the leaf of a regular leafed tomato variety looks like, probably because these are the most common ones available at the garden centre or gardening section of high street shops.

In fact, come to think of it ALL the tomato seedlings I’ve ever seen in the garden centre have been of the regular frond like leafed varieties.

So when the first true leaves started to come through on my Stupice seedlings, I was more than a little startled and worried that something was amiss. You see these leaves bore little resemblance to what I thought of as proper tomato leaves.

'Regular Leaf' tomato seedling

‘Regular Leaf’ tomato seedling

Armed with my camera, I took a picture of my odd little seedlings and sent it through to The Real Seed Catalogue, which is where I got the seeds from, for some advice.

They have replied and it turns out that although the vast majority of tomato varieties have the ‘regular leaf’ which I am used to, there are a few which have what is called a ‘potato leaf’ style and Stupice is one of those varieties.

I’m sure most of you fellow growers already knew this but I didn’t. I have learned something new today and now can’t wait to see how the mature plants look ….. but then I’m sad like that.


4 thoughts on “You learn something new every day

  1. We love something new everyday.Happy gardening!

  2. Some very tasty tomatoes come on the potato leaf variety type. It seems there is always something to learn. Always. My tomato sprouts have yet to produce a true leaf. Glad to see yours are coming along!

  3. Hi Elaine. I love this stage, when your greenhouse is filled with tiny tomato seedlings. I have so many different varieties in my garden and they are all so different. Some of the leaves are huge! I hope you have a fantastic season.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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