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Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: left front finished


The left front

The left front

It seems to have taken for ever and a day to knit up and finish what should have been a relatively quick section of this project. Various things have conspired to keep me from my needles but finally I have cast off the last stitch of the left front.

The thing about multi colour or multi shade yarn is that generally you really have no idea what the finished item will look like, beyond the basic shape or pattern etc. In the case of Little Mudlets cardigan, it has resulted in a front section which is completely at odds with the back piece, bar the colours that is, but it still looks pretty. Now I’ve cast on the right front using the end section of the left front ball and it looks to be not far off the back which also stared with the pale pink shade ….  but remember this section is much narrower than the back piece and so the colour bands are going to be deepeer and I expect pale pink will lead to the brighter pink but the purple section, if it appears at all, will be very, very small.

The left front and back are a little different to look at

The left front and back are a little different to look at

The left front section was a little more tricky when it came to the decreases for the neckline, as most of the decrease rows seem to occur on the ‘pattern’ row of the knitting which as this row included knitting stitches together (to make the scallop shape) and making new stitches by yarn forwarding (creating the lace look), I sometimes ended up with too many stitches. This occurred because as each neckline stitch decreased, the balance of knit together or yard forwards changed.

For example: (k2tog ) 4 times, followed by (yfwd, k1 ) 4 times, does not change the number of stitches on your needle because for each stitch dropped in the k2tog, another was made in the yfwd.

Left front on back

Left front on back

However, decrease a stitch or two at the neckline and suddenly you have a situation where  you can only ‘k2tog’, three of the four times needed because the stitch count has decreased BUT you have still done the ‘yfwd, k1s’ four times, thereby creating an extra stitch or negating the neck decrease. Oh I hope that makes sense. Obviously the more decreases carried out, the less ‘k2tog’ you can do and so, unless care is taken, you could end up with more stitches over what you require – heavens, I’m confused and I know what I’m trying to write! Of course, depending on the number of stitches needing to be decreased in total, you could end up with the opposite scenario.

So with the decreases finished and the pattern and stitch count correct, I was able to rattle on and soon had the left front completed and was then able to see what it looked like against the back section. I like the contrasting colours but then I knew this was likely to be the case when Little Mudlet chose the graduated yarn and so it wasn’t a major shock.

4 thoughts on “Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: left front finished

  1. Coming on lovely! I can see why she wants to wear it so much 🙂

  2. I like the random effect. The only way you could combat it would be to wind the yarn on to the next colour when you’ve done the right no of corresponding stripes, but I should think that would be hugely wasteful of yarn & you’d have loads of ends!

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