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Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: Right Front finished


Two sides of the same top - just a slight difference.

Two sides of the same top – just a slight difference.

As predicted in my previous update on this cardigan, the right front bares little resemblance, in terms of colour, to the left but that is the nature of this type of yarn and it does look pretty. Next I’ll be starting on the sleeves and it will be interesting to see how they look when finished, especially in relation to the rest of the top.
The neck decreases were a challenge

The neck decreases were a challenge

The right front has actually been a bit of a challenge to finish, due to having to work out how to incorporate the neck line stitch decreases into the pattern row. It didn’t help that the last section of neck decreases all seemed to happen on the pattern row and I had to pull back this particular row three times at one point, before I finally got it right. The problem I had was that I was decreasing on the k2tog stitch section (k2tog effectively decreases the stitch count by one) but this then meant that I had to adjust the number of yfwds (yarn forwards increase the stitch count by one) I created in the following section.

Sirdar Summer Stripes Tired and with my mind on other things, I decided that I was not in the best frame of mind to tackle this section and so I put it to one side for a day or so and turned my attention to other things such as my seedlings.

This morning, however, I was determined to get that section finished and indeed, once the decreases had finished and I had the correct number of stitches left, the rest of the piece knitted up in no time at all and I have now cast on the first of the sleeves. Of course once I had cast off the right front, I couldn’t resist putting the pieces together to get a feel for the finished cardigan and I think it is going to be absolutely charming and so pretty when finished.

7 thoughts on “Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan: Right Front finished

  1. Who wants symmetric anyway! The colours make this and I always admire a touch of randomness. I look forward to seeing the finished cardigan.

  2. I often find that fresh eyes and a fresh head do wonders for a challenging point in a project. However I usually forget this and will spend a good hour thrashing away at something late in the evening to no avail!

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