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Potato, Duke of York (first early)

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This is a record the development of this set of seed potatoes, from chitting to planting out and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Duke of York (first early)
Set to chit indoors:17th February 2014
First sprouting: already sprouting on purchase
Time taken: N/A

I’ve never grown a first early variety before and I chose this particular one because it is reputed to have the old fashioned earthy taste which is generally missing from most shop bought potatoes:

Potato, Duke of York15th March: Today I planted the nicely chitted tubers into my two half barrel containers, planting three tubers deeper than the other two in each barrel, mimicking the instructions for planting up a potato growing bag.

Potato Duke of York

Potato Duke of York   Potato Duke of York

15th April: Exactly 1 month after planting them out, the first shoot has broken through the soil. However, due to the still very real possibility of frosts I will be covering the foliage at night.

Potato Duke of York 17th May: 1 month further on and all 10 tubers are through with varying degrees of growth but all are doing really well.

Potato Duke of York

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