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Potato, King Edward (main crop)

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This is a record the development of this set of seed potatoes, from chitting to planting out and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: King Edward (main crop)
Set to chit indoors:17th February 2014
First sprouting: already sprouting on purchase
Time taken: N/A

I was quite surprised bu just how small the King Edward seed potatoes were this year. I had seen them in town but thought the garden center may have larger specimens but I was wrong. I have always believed from reading numerous books and articles, that when it comes to seed potatoes, large is definitely the way to go and so it will be interesting to see how this years crop develops.

Potato, King Edward22nd March 2014: A month on and the shoots are developing nicely

Potato King Edward

8th April: These are ready to be planted out but there is still a risk of frost and so if I do get chance to plant them out in the next day or so, I will be using my large, plastic flexi-buckets as cloches, and covering the planting mounds each night.

Potato King Edwards   Potato King Edwards

10th April: The tubers are now planted out with 6 in one of the normal vegetable beds, 2 in a raised bed and the remaining pair in a potato bag.

Potato King Edward17th May: In just 5.5 weeks there is about 10 inches of growth above the ground.

Potato King Edward

6th June: And the flowers are starting to form

Potato King Edward

15th June: The foliage has taken over the space allocated to the potatoes. The plants nearest to the front of the picture (with dark stems) are Roosters and the others towards the back (green stems) are King Edwards.

Potato King Edward 20140614  Potato, Rooster and King Edwards 20140615

21st June: The flowers are starting to open.

Potato King Edward


One thought on “Potato, King Edward (main crop)

  1. HI Elaine. You’re not the first English gardener I have heard complain about the size of the King Edward potatoes recently. It is amazing what you learn off the internet… we don’t even have King Edward potatoes here!
    I hope your wee spuds grow into loads!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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