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Rocket, Sprint from saved seed


This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Sprint (saved seed)
Sown indoors: 23rd February 2014
First Seedling: 26th February 2014
Germination: 3 days
Germination ratio: 10/10 seeds sown (by 28th February)

As the plants I took these seeds from came from a packet bought in a shop, I wasn’t at all sure they would be viable, as is often the case with shop/garden center bought packets of seed. However, I bided my time, let the plants flower and the seed pods form and dry out and then I harvested them. I sowed 10 seeds and waited to see what, if anything, would happen. To my delight and amazement, all 10 are up and will hopefully go on to produce a nice crop of fresh, peppery leaves in due course.

Rocket Sprint  Rocket Sprint

15th March: Now 2.5 weeks old and the seedlings are growing nicely and quickly.

Rocket Sprint 19th March: A lot can happen in 4 days

Rocket Sprint

4th April: The 5 week old seedlings are now in pots in the greenhouse and are doing well

Rocket Sprint

13th April: 7 weeks old and I suspect the cooler conditions of the greenhouse has caused the rocket to slow down.

Rocket Sprint

17th May: The leaves have been regularly picked for salads and I must sow some more seeds to replace these plants.

Rocket Sprint


3 thoughts on “Rocket, Sprint from saved seed

  1. At first glance I thought these were little chocolate brownies only to find on closer inspection that they are little mud pies sprouting rocket, still yummy.

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