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Although I am putting this post in the ‘Seed to Seedling’ category, it isn’t really a true description but Rhubarb is an impressive vegetable and can look amazing in the garden. I have no idea what variety my Rhubarb is but it was grown from seed by a friend some 7 years ago and has flourished in our garden.

 The Original Crown

New buds and leaves

New buds and leaves

Then in November 2012, I split the main crown into 4 pieces, one of which stayed in the original planting spot which meant I still had one to harvest last year. The three new crowns, created by the splitting of the original, were then planted in different areas, one of which was only 2 feet away from the original. The third piece was subsequently given to a friend and, as is the case with the other crowns, it is now putting on growth with great gusto, so there will hopefully be a bumper crop for every one this year.

As newly split and replanted crowns, no stalks were taken from the new plants last year but this year will be different.

28th February 2014

Second crown

Rhubarb Crown15th March  2014

The crowns are growing at their usual rapid rate of knots.

Rhubarb Crown  Rhubarb Crown

However, today I noticed that there were several flower heads forming and so I have removed the larger ones but there are some just starting to form which I will remove in a day or so.  It is important to remove the flower heads as soon as possible to ensure a healthy plant and generous crop, otherwise the plant will put all of its’ energy into growing the flower head:

Rhubarb Flower Head  Rhubarb Flower Head

8th April: The rhubarb has certainly grown with some speed and taken over its’ part of the bed.


2nd June: The rhubarb has done very well this year and we have enjoyed some tender pink stems which made a very tasty Rhubarb Fool.



5 thoughts on “Rhubarb

  1. I miss having rhubarb in my garden. It’s one of those plants that every garden should have. I’ve never seen it to grow here in chile and it’s only ever in ine supermarket for a week or so every year. All my friends know to let me know if they see it! I don’t recall ever seeing it in the central market either.
    I’m not sure how well it would grow here in our dry dry dry garden but I would love to try.
    When we last went to see our own house in Edinburgh the garden was horribly overgrown and my poor rhubarb was all but choked out. *sadface*

  2. I have two lovely rhubarb plants. I made a load of jam with it last year. I’m enjoying it today swirled into my Greek yoghurt. Delicious!

  3. Rhubarb jam, now there’s an idea! Tho we’re all crumble-ohlics so there may not be much left over…

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