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A gift for the bees

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Sunday mornJasmin ing was quite a busy one involving, as it did, a trip to Homebase, Halfords, Morrisons and Burger King before heading for home and a relaxing afternoon.

During the summer Middle Mudlet will be doing her cycling proficiency which is organised through school and so we have promised her a new bike for her birthday. She has had her current bike for several years and it has definitely seen better days and certainly wouldn’t be suitable for cycling proficiency. So with her birthday just around the corner, we decided to take her across to Halfords to draw up a shortlist of three bikes so that there will at least be some degree of surprise on the day. With makes and models identified, including one very clear front runner, next stop was Morrisons supermarket, then we made a rare visit to Burger King for lunch before heading for home.

Dozens and dozens of flower buds

Dozens and dozens of flower buds

We had started the shopping in Homebase were Mud was on the hunt for some wood treatment stuff and it whilst we were waiting at the checkout that I spotted a shelf crammed full with 1 foot tall Jasmin plants, all of which were laden with flower buds and at half price, these were a bargain. Unlike many of the half price plants you come across in these sorts of places, these all looked to be in pretty good health.

A little bit pot bound

A little bit pot bound

As I looked at the plants I thought how pretty one of these would look in our back garden, down amongst the vegetable beds, maybe growing up and along the old black engine hoist. Then the vegetable gardener part of me thought about how such a pretty and fragrant plant would attract the ever so important bees and other pollinators into the vegetable garden and I was hooked. I rummaged around to find the strongest looking specimen and it is now on the black shelving in the hall with the seedlings.

Jasmin I did take a walk down to the engine hoist when we got home and spotted the old car wheel that we had also found in the garden when we bought the cottage and which, for the last 10 years or so, has been used as a planter. I had almost forgotten about it, half buried as it is by a very tired looking ivy plant, but I think if I evict the ivy, move it to the base of the hoist and then fill it with a load of fresh compost, it will make an ideal planter for my new plant.

A recycled car wheel makes for an unusual planter

A recycled car wheel makes for an unusual planter

As for the location, the hoist is under the Birch trees which have enough height to let plenty of sunshine in but the abundance of branches and leaves will dapple the sunlight, affording the Jasmin with the best of both light and shade. It was a bit windy again today but I hope to get the Jasmin into its’ new home in the next day or so because the poor thing is a little pot bound and would probably appreciate room to spread out its’ roots.


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