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Gardening Club: painting the small planter

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Green end pieces

Green end pieces

I really need to start sitting on my hands, both in reality and metaphorically, or at the very least learn to curtail my enthusiasm when it comes to taking on the tasks needed to increase awareness of, or develop further, the school garden.

Take the Foundation area planters, for example, you see when I was putting together the grant application for developing a growing space for the youngest pupils, I decided to include the purchase of non-toxic wood stain, in not one but two colours. My thinking was that not only would this help prolong the lifespan of the wooden planters but it would also add a touch of colour.

The front and back panels of the smaller planter

The front and back panels of the smaller planter

Of course now the planters have arrived and the wood stain has been purchased, someone needs to wield the paintbrush and get them ready for assembly ……. and who is that someone? Well that would be me, of course.

So today, I headed to the poly tunnel and unpacked the smaller of the two planters and got to work.

With two colours to work with, I had already decided that I would paint each of the planters in both colours. So the smaller 1m planter will have the legs, as well as the front and back panels painted in Protec Beaumont Blue, whilst the cross member supports for the legs, the side panels and the front and back edging pieces will all be in Protec Willow, a lovely green wood stain. The larger 1.8m planter will have its’ panels, legs etc, painted in the opposite colour to its’ smaller companion.

The gorwbag support rail has come in handy

The gorwbag support rail has come in handy

There is also a wooden storage box from the same range that needs painting, although I haven’t yet decided which panel will be which colour. My favourite of the two colours is the green and so I am thinking that the front, back and lid will be Willow, with the bottom and sides blue.

Once painted, I carefully laid the leg cross-members and the two edging pieces across the top of the growbag support rails whilst the panels of the planter were gently rested against the staging. Thankfully one of the dads has already agreed to assemble the planters and storage box and then they will be ready for filling with compost and topsoil, before, finally, the business of vegetable growing can begin.


One thought on “Gardening Club: painting the small planter

  1. That’s the trouble with great ideas. There’s always more work involved!

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