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Sweet Corn, Special Swiss


This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Special Swiss (RSC)
Sown indoors: 15th March 2014
First Seedling: 21st March 2014
Germination: 6 days
Germination ratio: 11/15 seeds sown

After a couple of disastrous seasons trying to grow sweetcorn, this year I opted to try this variety from Real Seed Catalogue because if it can be successfully grown in Switzerland (not to mention a field in Wales during a very wet summer) then slightly inland of the North East Lincolnshire Coast should be a doddle 🙂

Sweetcorn Special Swiss22nd  March 2014: This seedling has grown approximately 1cm in 24 hours, as has its’ tray mates.

Sweetcorn Special Swiss

25th March: 4 days old and 2 inches tall

Sweetcorn Special Swiss  Sweetcorn Special Swiss

27th March: 6 days old and 4 inches tall now

Sweetcorn Special Swiss  Sweetcorn Special Swiss

13th April: A couple of the seedlings haven’t survived the move to the greenhouse bu they were the weaker looking ones anyway. The other are growing and I am still draping a fleece tent over them at night.

Sweet Corn Special Swiss 23rd April: These young plants are in the same compost in which the tomatoes and chillis were struggling to grow and so I will be potting them into All Purpose Compost when I get some more tomorrow. That said they are growing, albeit slowly.

Sweetcorn Special Swiss

11th May: At two months old, the first sowing of sweet corn have now reached just over 1 foot in height and are ready to be planted out. I will be hardening them off over the next couple of days.

Sweetcorn Special Swiss   Sweetcorn Special Swiss

23rd May: The sweetcorn have now been planted out into their final positions and the tallest plant is two foot tall.

Sweetcorn Special Swiss

21st June: The male flowers are starting to appear.

Sweetcorn Special Swiss

24th June:

Sweetcorn Special Swiss

30th June: These pictures show the first signs of the cobs (there are two in the left hand picture) and the flower of the sweet corn.

Sweet Corn Special Swiss   Sweet Corn Special Swiss

6th July: The top picture of the next set of three, shows the male tassel laden with grains covers with pollen and then the female ear and silks are shown in the bottom pictures. The close up shot of the silks show the tiny hairs that trap the pollen grains. I often remove some of the pollen grains from a nearby sweet corn and drop them into the silks of a female flower, to aid pollination.

Sweet Corn Special Swiss

Sweet Corn Special Swiss   Sweet Corn Special Swiss

21st July: This cob shows the darkened silks that indicate the near readiness of an ear for picking. This particular ear is not quite ready for harvesting but is destined to be dried out for seed for next years crop.

Sweet Corn Special Swiss 7th August: I read up a lot on how best to save sweet corn seed and then did it my way based on my own observations of how friends had successfully saved seed and then produced a crop from it and a post about this can be found here.

Sweet Corn Special Swiss

2 thoughts on “Sweet Corn, Special Swiss

  1. I’m growing these from real seeds this year too, so far so good. Looking forward to seeing the next pics 🙂

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