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Gardening Club: more planter painting

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Temporary paint shop and drying/storage area

Temporary paint shop and drying/storage area

It’s taking a bit longer than expected to paint the new planters and storage box, due to time constraints and the sheer logistics of safely storing large, heavy and cumbersome sections whist the wood stain dries. Nevertheless, the small planter is now finished, as is the storage box.

In keeping with the two tone look of the small planter, the storage box also now sports both paint options, with the back, top and front sections in Protek Willow green and the bottom, sides and shelf wearing Protek Beaumont blue. All that remains now is the 1.8m long planter and the extremely heavy and cumbersome front and back panels and two of the legs, have already had Willow green applied to one side. These have been left to dry in the poly tunnel.

The front and back sections of the larger planter

The front and back sections of the larger planter

I’ll be heartily relieved to have these items assembled and in place, filled with compost and ready for planting because they are taking up far too much space in the poly tunnel and we really need to start planting seed in earnest now.

Mind you, there will be a slight delay when it comes to assembling the small planter because when I unpacked the packet of bolts, I found an unsightly mass of rusted metal which wouldn’t have looked out of place on Annie (before Muds’ painstaking and often painful refurbishment of her).

I am seriously not impressed with these

I am seriously not impressed with these

The planter had been delivered in a box which appeared to have spent quite a bit of time sitting in a puddle of water, judging by the state of the cardboard and initially I had been relieved to find the wooden sections in good order. However, my relief was short lived, as it soon became apparent that the packet of screws and bolts had been in the soggy section of box and the bolts were in a dreadful state. Thankfully the fastenings for the storage box and larger planter are in perfect order but I will be contacting the company which supplied the planters on Monday to ask for a replacement set of bolts, then we will finally be able to get the Foundation area growing space, up and running.


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