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Mothering Sunday, a day of two halves

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Hand made with love

Hand made with love

Mothering Sunday 2014 is most definitely one I’ll remember for a while and not all for good reasons. It started off well enough with Eldest Mudlet home and so all my girls were with me for Mothers Day for the first time in years. I had a pletherer of lovely gifts including two boxes of chocolates ( long since gone), two bouquets of flowers and no less than 5 dvds to watch including Warhorse which I’ve wanted to see for a long time and one of the Die Hard movies, with the oh so sexy Bruce Willis.

I mixed both bouquets up ....

I mixed both bouquets up ….

The icing on the cake was the lovely cards the younger Mudlets had made at school and which were far and away the best ones they had ever made and, in my totally biased opinion, better than many of the offerings available in the shops.

Then, with Middle Mudlets birthday just a few weeks away, Mud and I decided to utilize Eldest Mudlet as a babysitter and leave her in charge of her sisters whilst we went shopping for a new bike for Middle Mudlet.

So we set of in Annie but just a couple of miles later and half a mile down the motorway, the cabin began to smell of burning rubber and a few seconds later smoke began to pour in. A quick examination revealed oil pouring out of the rocker cover and it was burning oil on the exhaust manifold that we had smelt.

.... so that I could enjoy both at the same time.

…. so that I could enjoy both at the same time.

Showing amazing ingenuity Mud decided to use a piece of chewing gum to plug the leak and it worked, forming a good seal in front of the worst area of leakage and this allowed us to limp back home in easy stages, stopping in town to allow the engine to cool down. It is a true testament to the design and build of Annies old fashioned engine that we were actually able to get home ….. our modern pickup would have needed a recovery truck!

Which one should I watch first? Decisions, decisions.

Which one should I watch first? Decisions, decisions.

Whilst Eldest Mudlet took the younger ones out for a nice, long walk, I spent a couple of hours in my garden, sowing my root crops whilst Mud battled to cook an oversized leg of lamb. He’s actually a good cook but roast dinners are always a challenge in the Rayburn, with the potatoes and meat both needing top spot in the oven. Potatoes in the same roasting tray as the meat, don’t generally crisp up because they need to be right at the very top of the oven and joints are generally too tall to be anywhere but on the third set of runners.

More school makes but this time it's Easterl

More school makes but this time it’s Easterl

Of course the fact that this particular leg of lamb was too big for our roasting trays, added a little more pressure and then Mud discovered that no-one had remembered to alter the clock on the kitchen weather station and it was actually one hour later than he thought, so his timings were out slightly! However, we did eventually sit down to a lovely roast lamb dinner and there was enough meat left for a curry as well, so all in all things worked out fine.

So as Mothers Days go, this was definitely one of two halves and I have decided that I will focus entirely on the positives and leave the rest for some one else to remember.


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