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Winter Squash, Hokkaido

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This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Hokkaido
Sown indoors: 27th March 2014
First Seedling: 5th April 2014
Germination: 9 days
Germination ratio: 3/4 seeds sown

This is another new variety for me but as you probably know by now I love the Winter Squash family and so I’m really looking forward to seeing and tasting these.

6th April: 1 day old

Winter Squash Hokkaido

7th April: 2 days old

Winter Squash Hokkaido

This picture was also taken on the 7th but this seedling has only just come up and is less than 1 day old. From past experience, I believe that the brown on the leaves is due to the emerging seedling being too damp and taking too long to fully emerge, possibly due to cooler temperatures but I don’t know this for certain, it’s just my own amateur observations.

  Winter Squash Hokkaido

16th April: 11 days old.

Winter squash Hokkaido  Winter squash Hokkaido

23rd April: 18 days old

Winter squash Hokkaido

11th May: These plants have really taken off in the last couple of weeks and are ready to be planted out. However, the risk of frost is still a real threat and so I will have to wait a few more days. If the temperatures stay at the same levels over the next few days, I may well risk planting these out at the end of the week.

Winter squash Hokkaido   Winter squash Hokkaido

1st June: These plants were planted out into the beds on 17th May and they have settled in so well we now have flowers forming. The yellow swelling at the base of the flower in the second picture is an embryonic squash. – this flower is female.

Winter squash Hokkaido   Winter squash Hokkaido

14th June: Female flowers front and side views

Winter Squash Hokkaido   Winter Squash Hokkaido

24th June: It may only be the size of an orange but we have a squash growing.

Winter Squash Hokkaido

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