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Stripey jumper in King Cole Flash: the sleeve pattern

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The finished staggered pattern panel

The finished staggered pattern panel

Having incorporated my improvised pattern panel into the front and back pieces of Middle Muddlets’ jumper, I now had to decide what to do with the sleeves. The easiest option was to stick to the pattern leaflet and knit them using stocking stitch but I wasn’t at all happy with that idea.

So I had a good long think and decided to try a staggered arrowhead and see what that looked like.

King Cole Jumper in Flash First of all I needed to work out how many repeats of the lace columns would fit across the stitches and decide if I wanted to work the lace across the whole sleeve or just part if it. After another shorter think, I opted for a 6 stocking stitch border at either end of the needle, then 5 repeats of the actual lace column which placed the third repeat right in the centre of the sleeve.

I’m still increasing the number of sleeve stitches but I’ve finished the pattern section and I’m really happy with how it looks. I knitted the pattern panel 4 times before stopping the first and fifth columns, another 4 run throughs of the pattern panel and the second and fourth columns were stopped and the final column stopped after another four repeats of the pattern. All in all 48 rows of pattern were worked to create a staggered arrowhead.

The rest of the sleeve will be worked in stocking stitch.


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