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Stripey jumper in King Cole Flash: the first sleeve finished

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Broader stripes on the sleeve.

Broader stripes on the sleeve.

This morning I managed to find a couple of hours to finish of the first of the sleeves for Middle Mudlets’ jumper. As the vast majority of this piece of knitting involves the use of the basic stocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl), it hasn’t been at all difficult to incorporate the stitch increases and decreases needed to form the shape of the sleeve and shoulder.

A close match to the back section

A close match to the back section

Obviously the smaller number of stitches needed per row, compared to either the front or back sections, has resulted in broader stripes but I think that the overall look of the sleeve is pleasing and that the staggered arrowhead lace section has worked really well …… but then I would think that.

As is my habit, I couldn’t resist putting the sleeve against the front and back sections, to see how it looks, although please bear in mind that the sections need blocking to their correct dimensions.

The front looks okay too .....

The front looks okay too …..

...... both sides, that is

…… both sides, that is

You can see the top of this sleeve is a close match to the top of the back but the front is a different story. However, even though the sleeve doesn’t match either side of the front, because of the way the striping has worked out in general, it still looks good. I can’t wait to see how the second sleeve knits up and I  hope to get that started later today but I do have some more seedlings that desperately need potting on and whilst the weather is sunny, if a touch windy, I need to get the garden jobs finished first.


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