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The wrong sort of green in the garden

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A cheerful sight

A cheerful sight

Yes, I know the header picture doesn’t exactly go with the title of this post but the Flowering Cherry was looking so beautiful, bright and cheery yesterday that I couldn’t resist taking a picture and then using it in here. There is pink blossom all over the garden, making it look a little untidy but I don’t really care, as it offers a bit of relief to the barren, emptiness of the beds.

Actually the beds aren’t that empty if the truth be told, what with the plastic grow houses still in situ, protecting the plants growing within them, the stragglers from last years leek crop, the newly sprouted carrots, lettuces, first early potatoes and weeds …… lots and lots of weeds. I’ve been meaning to start the serious business of removing these unwanted squatters for several weeks now but I’ve always had something else to do. Then yesterday my annoyance at the messy look they bring to my beautifully prepared vegetable patch, finally got the better of me and I set to work.

After 2 hours in total working at the very back of the garden, I had managed to remove most of the weeds from the section in front of the back fence and beside the pond and the whole area looked much, much nicer but there is still a lot to get done.

In case you’re wondering, the upturned pots and tubs you can see on the half barrels are my frost protection for the emerging foliage of the First Early, Duke of York, potatoes.

These tomato plants are looking much happier now

These tomato plants are looking much happier now

Unfortunately, stiff and aching muscles and a twinge from an old back injury, has forced me to take a break from the weeding today but, weather permitting, I’ll be trying to get the next section done tomorrow, as well as potting some more seedlings into the All Purpose Compost and planting some of the greenhouse lettuces into the gaps in the rows already sown in the raised beds. Oh, and I also need to sow another row of beetroot.

The squash plants are in danger of taking over the large greenhouse

The squash plants are in danger of taking over the large greenhouse

Talking of potting into the All Purpose Compost, the tomatoes and chillis I repotted a few days ago are really starting to perk up now which would seem to confirm that the issue was indeed with the John Innes No2, so I’ll be moving the squash, cucumbers and first sowing of sweet corn into APC just as soon as I get some more.

Beans and Mangetout Over in the greenhouses the plants currently in residence are holding their own and growing nicely with the squash and pumpkin plants intent on taking over their corner of the large greenhouse and the beans and mangetout seeking world domination in the bubble wrapped greenhouse. I plan to take the bubble wrap down in a week or so and will use fleece for the last few frosts, if needed.

I can’t quite shake the worry that we still have some frosts to come but it really won’t be long now before the beds start to fill up with this years seedlings.


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