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Caitlyns’ hat in King Cole Flash dk


The finished article .... well almost. Just needs a little bit of sparkle

The finished article …. well almost. Just needs a little bit of sparkle

My very dear friend Christine, is in a bit of a spin at the moment ……. a very happy spin. Her 18 year old daughter, Caitlyn, is coming over from America in a little over two weeks, for an extended visit.

Christine has been a good friend, not only to me but also to Eldest Mudlet, who has found in my friend, a comforting presence and confidential ear for aspects of both her life and illness she doesn’t want me to know or worry about. So when Christine told me that her own, much loved daughter was coming on a visit, I decided to make her a gift. What to make was the next decision and I raked through my patterns for ideas.

The diagonal rib

The diagonal rib

Never having met Caitlyn, I had no idea what size she was, what styles she followed, or even what colours she liked but what I did know was that she was a student, living on a budget and the winters where she lives can be cold. So I settled on the same basic hat pattern that I had used for Middle Mudlets’ hat, grabbed the spare ball of Flash double knit left over from Middle Mudlets’ stripey jumper and set to work.

Of course I couldn’t just make an uninspiring stocking stitch hat.

A delicate cable pattern for good measure.

A delicate cable pattern for good measure.

First was the rib hat band. I opted to try something a little different and so the band has been knitted up in a staggered, three stitch rib which has created a diagonal appearance to the overall ribbed band. To make this happen, I knitted three rows of knit 3/purl 3 rib and then on the fourth row, I moved the stitches across by one, so that the first knit stitch was on what would have been a purl with the other two on knit stitches and vice versa.

Next was the body of the hat and I started with 10 rows of stocking stitch and then began a simple cable pattern which I think looks pretty good and adds some interest to what would be quite a plain hat ……. except for the stripes which, as with Middle Mudlets jumper, look pretty evenly spaced.

I want to get some small, pretty buttons or something similar, to add a bit of glitz or sparkle to the design. I will have to see what I can find next time I’m in town ……. and now I’d best get back on with Eldest Mudlets cardigan.

3 thoughts on “Caitlyns’ hat in King Cole Flash dk

  1. Oh Mrs. Mudd, what a lovely, lovely little hat and in her favorite colors too (she’s not keen on pink but leans more towards shades of blue and/or green). She is also a rare lass in that she loves hand made/home spun gifts, so she’s sure to love and appreciate all the thought and care that has gone into this lovely gift. I know I do. Thank you for caring for my daughter just as i would (if i could knit!). You truly are one in a million 🙂

  2. I am sure she will love this pretty hat, the pattern is really nice, very individual.

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