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King Cole Cardigan in Opium Leaf: the left front


The yarn has created a different pattern to the back section

The yarn has created a different pattern to the back section

What is it with knitting patterns these days? It seems that the last three patterns that I have used have either been fundamentally flawed, or have been carelessly written with inadequate proof reading to boot. Take, for example, my current project: the cardigan for Eldest Mudlet. A simple enough design you would think and yet with a fundamental error which results in the need to pull back a couple of lines of knitting.

The error occurs when you have to start the shaping for the shoulder:

  • Cont’d without shaping until armhole measures 19cm ending wit a rs row (that’s right side row for you none knitters) and in this case, equates to a ‘knit’ row!
  • Shape Shoulder
  • Next Row. Cast off 5 sts – Most seasoned knitters will only have read this section of the instruction line because they will know from experience that you then finish the rest of the row as normal which is what I did and so I blanked the remainder of the instruction which was – knit to end!
  • Next Row: Purl.

It was at this point I realised something wasn’t quite right. Having assumed that I knew what I was doing (which to be fair I did) and having therefore not read beyond the number of stitches needing to be cast off, I had continued in purl to the end of the first row BECAUSE the previous row had been a rs row which was a knit row!!!  Now I realised the pattern was wrong and I should have ended on a ws row (wrong side aka purl).

King Cole Opium Leaf Cardi To be absolutely certain, I read the same section of instructions for the Right Front (which should be a mirror image of the left) and found that also finished on a rs (knit) row BUT unlike the Left Front, the cast off line instructed the knitter to ‘purl to end‘, with the next row a knit row!

Well I pulled two lines of knitting back and redid it and I have now finished the Left Front section. The pattern created by the yarn is different to that on the majority of the back section, although it does look similar to the pattern created following the cast off for the arms on the back. I’m now about to start the Right Front, as it is far too wet to be out in my garden, although I may be tempted out to the greenhouse later to sow some more seeds and to feed my chilli plants.

Mind you the sky appears to be brightening somewhat, so maybe ……….


3 thoughts on “King Cole Cardigan in Opium Leaf: the left front

  1. How frustrating, on a good note the yarn looks very interesting. You are lucky that the mudlets will wear your craft, mine christened the sweaters I made for them their camping jumpers, this was because that was the only time they would wear them! I have to admit they are more appreciative now they are grown though.

  2. Not brightening up here at all! I just want to put away my socks and turn off the heating for good! COME ON SUNSHINE!

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