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Grit, determination and quiet contemplation


Quiet contemplation: the three stooges

Quiet contemplation: the three stooges

The week before half term, poor Middle Mudlet was struck down by a nasty infection which left her in great pain and with fever, shivers, headaches, nausea and total loss of appetite. Things weren’t helped when the out of hours doctor failed to recognise what to me were obvious signs of a bad infection, sending us home with nothing more than paediatric paracetamol, thereby delaying the start of antibiotics for a further 12 hours. Thankfully a visit to our GP the following day, was more successful and a seven day course of antibiotics was immediately prescribed.

For the rest of that week which took us up to the half term break, Middle Mudlet was housebound which she hated, as she enjoys school. By last Friday, some 10 days after she had first began to feel really poorly and 2 days since her course of antibiotics had finished, she still wasn’t eating properly, was still very, very pale looking and was generally lack lustre. It was beginning to look like she might not even be well enough for school when it reopened on Monday.

Faced with the prospect of missing more school, come Friday tea time, Middle Mudlet stoically worked her way through her meal and cleared her plate for the first time in 10 days. This proved to be the turning point and by Sunday morning she was pretty much back to normal.

“Are we going on a bike ride?” she asked me.

Mud and I weren’t entirely sure she would be up to a ride just yet but she was keen and so we decided to do a short route that we had done before and thought she should be able to manage. She did find the first half a little more difficult than expected but she battled on determined to complete the route.

A little under halfway we stopped for a breather at a conveniently placed bench, offering glorious views over the valley and I snapped the above shot of the three of them in quiet contemplation, as they munched on energy bars and grabbed a quick drink.

This respite seemed to be just what Middle Mudlet needed and she completed the second half of the route enthusiastically, swapping places with Little Mudlet, to ride in front with Mud. She even felt confident enough to ride down the steep hill back into the valley. Unsurprisingly, Little Mudlet found the descent too daunting and opted to walk her bike down the majority of the way. Mud had gone ahead with Middle Mudlet and so I was left to walk down with her, although I did persuade her to try riding down some of the not so steep sections. Softly, softly, catchee monkey, as the saying goes and next time I’ll be encouraging her to ride a little more of the hill, building her confidence up little by little.

We caught back up with Evel Knievel and Mini Knievel at a local village shop, where the now traditional end of ride ice creams were waiting. Needless to say we are both incredibly proud of the grit and determination of both girls, as they tackle the routes and increased distances of the family rides.


7 thoughts on “Grit, determination and quiet contemplation

  1. Glad she’s feeling better 🙂

  2. What a beautiful bike ride. Looks really wonderful! Glad she is feeling better.

  3. Great to share these family pursuits, it’s not long before they don’t want to do family stuff so you do right to make the most of it.

  4. So glad she’s feeling better. Lovely photo of the 3 of them on the bench.

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