The Land Rover Owners Wife

Scaredy cat


That’s me.

I admit it.

And Mud knows it.

He knows that I don’t like horror films. I simply don’t see the point of choosing to spend precious grown-up time being scared rigid by sound affects and the pictorial evidence of someone elses warped mind because, let’s face it, some of these films can only have been the product of a seriously disturbed mind.

So why am I typing this on a Friday night when I should be relaxing with my knitting needles in hand? What could possibly be stopping progress on Eldest Mudlets cardigan?

A horror film, that’s what.

Granted this is officially classed as a comedy horror but that is beside the point! I don’t like horrors because I am a wuss, a scaredy cat and typing this post is helping me not see or hear the big scary bad guy, spooky whistling sound and creepy voice coming from the far corner of the lounge.

As for Mud ……. I will get even for this torture, trust me on that! And Eldest Mudlet dearest, you know whose fault it is that your sleeve hasn’t progressed beyond the cast on row, don’t you……..



6 thoughts on “Scaredy cat

  1. I don’t like them either. In fact I don’t watch anything more than a 15 unless D has already watched & says it’s ok…

  2. If it’s films you are talking about I can’t watch violence or horror. I even cover my ears and eyes during violence in BBC dramas!

  3. Oh I am so with you there! Luckily I have my studio to retire to when the man wants to watch scary stuff. That or my bed with a good book.

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