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Park and ride: Mudlets let loose

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We are blessed to be close to a large and beautiful park.

We are blessed to be close to a large and beautiful park.

Due to the issues with Annies engine, the weather, illness and general time constraints, we haven’t been able to fit in a family bike ride for about two weeks now and in actual fact, for the most part, the only member of Mudville who has been able to benefit from bike ownership in recent weeks, has been me. I have been able to take advantage of the weather during the school week and have managed 2 to 3 bike rides, of 5 to 7 miles duration, each week and the effort is paying dividends in respect of inch loss, fitness levels, my general sense of well being, not to mention an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the rest of the household are a little frustrated by the lack of bike riding opportunities which resulted in a plea, last Friday, from the younger Mudlets to go for a ride after tea. After a particularly trying and tiring week, Mud really didn’t have the energy and as I had already completed a 7 mile trip earlier in the day, neither did I to be fair.

Try as she might, Middle Mudlet couldn't beat her younger sisters lightweight Mistigirl.

Try as she might, Middle Mudlet couldn’t beat her younger sisters lightweight Mistigirl.

Both girls were disappointed but then I had an idea. We live within easy reach of a fabulous recreation ground which is large and perfect for bikes. It’s also scarcely used except for official events which meant that both girls could just let rip and have fun on their bikes, without having to think about other road users, signalling, steep hills, etc etc. So I suggested that I walk them down to the park, so that they could let off some steam and have some good old fashioned play time.

This was met with wholehearted approval and so it was that a short while after tea was finished (they had to let their food settle first) I found myself down at the park, watching the girls racing each other around the grounds, Middle Mudlet practicing some of the things she had been shown during her first cycling proficiency lesson and Little Mudlet just haring about on her speedy little lightweight bike, a huge smile on her face.

Both girls were exhausted by the time we arrived back home and looking forward to the next family bike ride but it was a joy to see them just having fun on their bikes, down at the park.


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