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Feed and weed

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Before and after

Before and after

Wondering around my garden a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that some of my plants were looking a little yellow around the leaves which is usually a good indication that something is lacking in the nutrient department. This wasn’t a big surprise because even with the most careful preparation over winter and spring, the combination of rain washing some of the nutrients out and plants absorbing them at a rate of knots, is bound to lead to a deficency at some point and, to be fair, giving your plants a little boost every now and again, can only be a good thing.

So that night everything got a good feed and a few days later, for the most part, things were looking up and all my vegetables had enjoyed a little spurt of growth and looked generally healthier.

A more dramatic change this time

A more dramatic change this time

Unfortunately, what is good for my plants, appears to be fantastic for the weeds!

Weeds are a sad, annoying, frustrating and time consuming part of any gardeners life. Not only do they look untidy but they provide cover for a variety of pests and take up valuable nutrients intended for your plants. Weeds often seem to be able to grow with more vigour than domestic plantings, quickly dwarfing them if not immediately removed. Simply put , weeds are a pain in the neck (often quite literally after a couple of hours on hands and knees pulling the wretched things out) and even more so when they have taken advantage of your generosity, lapped up the extra nutrients intended for your own plants and covered every available inch of soil with a healthy but uncalled for carpet of green!

Such was the scene this weekend and my plans for planting out and sowing seeds had to be put on hold whilst I spent over an hour clearing the squash and corn bed of its’ unwanted inhabitants. I was pretty pleased with the end result though but there was evidence of a lot of slug activity and so a generous layer of Epsom Salts was applied to the area around the plants to act as a deterrent for the slugs but as this gets dissolved with watering and/or rain, it will also replenish the ground with vital nutrients ……….. which means more weeding in another week or so!


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  1. I have noticed it seems like the weeds have a built in advantage this year…still it is so pleasant to be in the garden this summer that even weeding brings a sense of pleasure.

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