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The Mudlet Vegetable Patch: an update

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Little Mudlets side

Little Mudlets side

Underneath the netting in a sunny corner of the garden, exciting things are happening: carrots and peas sown in excited anticipation by the younger Mudlets, are growing in abundance. In fact, so successful was the germination of the carrot seeds that some serious thinning out needs doing and as for the peas, well between them they managed a good spacing with eight neatish rows, containing around 50 pea seedlings.

Mind you it isn’t just thinning out that needs to be done, unsurprisingly, the weeds have done just as well as the cultivated plants and these will also need to be removed over the next few days and a fresh scattering of slug pellets will need to be applied – sparingly.

Middle Mudlets side

Middle Mudlets side

Then a feed will be required, to help replenish the depleted soil in which the seedlings are growing (this was the site of one of the growhouses used for the winter garden), not that it seems to be doing the newly emerged plants much harm at the moment but I know carrots prefer a more nutrient rich soil, so a general purpose feed won’t go amiss.

I always worry about the disappointed of a failed crop when it comes to children and gardens and so it is a relief that in respect of the Mudlets garden, it’s a case of so far so good and the Mudlets are thrilled with their little patch of garden and the speed with which their crops are growing.


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