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King Cole Cardigan in Opium Leaf: almost finished

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I love the look of the front sections

I love the look of the front sections

Poor patient Eldest Mudlet has had a bit of a wait for her new cardigan but I am on the homeward stretch and all the knitting aspects, bar the button loop, have now been completed and only the sewing up remains to be done, including setting the sleeves!

I think I may have mentioned once or twice before how much I hate setting sleeves which is a bit of a problem, as most of my knitting involves making tops of some description or other. I tend to make pretty good progress on a project until it comes to setting the sleeves in and then I can find any number of valid reasons for leaving it until later.

One sleeve in, one more to do.

One sleeve in, one more to do.

Of course, at this time of year I spend quite a lot of my time in the gardens and so projects like my knitting, do tend to be put on the back burner whilst I spend several hours a night watering and/or feeding everything and by the time the Mudlets are tucked up, the dishes done and the garden sorted, often all I want to do is doze on the sofa.

That said, I have made some progress on Eldest Mudlets top and the front borders have now been finished, the shoulder seams joined and the first sleeve is firmly in place. Despite its’ size, this garment has been surprisingly easy to work with and it really won’t be long now before it will be ready for its’ recipient.

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