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A sea blue pig and a camper van


Sea Creature Mania: the moneyboxes look fab!

Sea Creature Mania: the moneyboxes look fab!

During the last few days of term, it seemed that the Mudlets were bringing home a rainforest worth of leaflets, flyers and pamphlets, advertising pony days, summer camps and other such activities, all designed to pressure parents into putting their hands into their pockets and shelling out huge quantities of cash to keep their children happy and occupied. So it was with a sinking heart that I pulled out yet another leaflet from Middle Mudlets’ book bag, on Tuesday afternoon, after school had finally broken up for the summer.

This time, however,  I was pleasantly surprised, as this flyer was promoting childrens’ craft sessions at the Heritage Centre in a town not too far from where we lived and the sessions were for suggested donations of between £1.50 and £2.50 per child. Excellent. I promptly booked the girls in for three of the sessions and yesterday was the first of them.

So it was that late morning yesterday, the Mudlets and I found ourselves browsing around the Farmers Market as we made our way to the venue. I do love Farmers Markets and we enjoyed sampling sausages and flavoured bacon at the Pink Pig Farm stall and fresh olives and a sweet garlic, ginger and sundried tomato mix at the Olive stall a bit further up. There was a nice range of stalls around, including ones for hand made toys and baskets, breads and pies but by far the most interesting was one that offered a selection of Ostrich, Llama, Crocodile and Zebra burgers!!!! Not the usual sort of fayre for our sleepy little market town but quite popular nonetheless, judging by the queue. Middle Mudlet was most impressed by the Ostrich eggs which were for sale, blown or fresh, with boiling instructions for the latter of just 15 minutes for soft boiled!

The Heritage Centre is set in a lovely building which was, I believe, a coaching inn in a previous life. Now it is home to Council Offices, the Library and the Heritage Centre and there is a cafe which operates in what was once the entrance to the yard and stables but is now a covered walk way.

Before long the girls were settled in with their blank moneyboxes and a selection of glass/ceramic paint pens and both were delighted to find that the lady running the event was actually a regular supply teacher at their school.

Little Mudlets piggy bank, complete with seahorses to guard her stash!

Little Mudlets piggy bank, complete with seahorses to guard her stash!

An hour and a half later, Little Mudlet had produced a fine looking, sea blue pig, with a bright red ears and forehead, pink and orange feet, a yellow face and grey snout. I’m assuming her little piggy had been on a visit to the seaside as it had quite an array of sparkly sea creatures stuck to it. It does look pretty amazing though and she is proud as punch of her creation.

Not surprisingly, tomboy Middle Mudlet had chosen a camper van to decorate and took a great deal of care choosing her colour scheme, settling on a light blue lower body and silver roof and upper body section. You can’t see the sheen too well in these pictures but both the pig and the camper van have a lovely shimmer, as the paint pens had an almost metallic paint feel to them. With the painting of her van complete Middle Mudlet also chose to adorn her finished box with shimmering sea creature stickers and gave her van a ‘fringe’ by sticking a crab just above the windscreen. I particularly like the ‘attack of the giant sparkling, purple octopus‘ scene, on the back of the van.

Middle Mudlets' camper van and I love the fringe effect and the purple octopus.

Middle Mudlets’ camper van and I love the fringe effect and the purple octopus.

With moneyboxes packed away into my shopping bag, it was time to head for home. Both girls had enjoyed the session and are looking forward to their next one in a couple of weeks and I think, for the suggested cost of just £2.50 each, we parents got good value for money and the children got a lovely keepsake to show for their efforts.


2 thoughts on “A sea blue pig and a camper van

  1. Hi Elaine. It is always a bonus when you can find things for the kids to do for the holidays to stop them saying “I’m bored” to the tune of ‘moan.’ The first week of our summer holidays always has a little extra something to add – over excitement, as ours normally start a week before Christmas! I hope you end up with a lovely break and get to have lots of bike rides and other cost effective memorable activities with the Mudlets. Cheers Sarah : o )

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