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A Bonnie addition to the garden


This wasn't exactly waht I ahd in mind when I said we needed more colour in the garden

Not exactly what I had in mind when I said we needed more colour in the garden

Remember the story of Jack and the beanstalk and in particular the part where his mother, in a fit of disgust at her sons apparent gullibility, scatters the magic beans on the ground and next morning an enormous beanstalk has grown? Well something similar appears to have occurred in my garden overnight but instead of a handy giant beanstalk, my garden sprouted Land Rover panels …… banana yellow, Land Rover panels to be precise.

In all honesty, Land Rover panels aren’t that unusual a sight in our garden and we still have Annies’ hardtop helping block a gap in the hedge (it’s also providing a comfy nest site for a hedgehog) with a pile of wheels and tyres in front of it, helping to keep it upright and stable during windy weather. We actually put these onto Bonnie yesterday, as the set she came with were worn out and the wheels were too badly dented and rusted to reuse. Mud brought the stored wheels out one by one and was startle to find the remnants of an ants nest in the bottom one – nature is pretty good at utilising whatever happens to be to hand.

Bonnies’ wheels have been temporarily stored where the old ones were but Mud intends to take them to a local tyre fitter in the next few weeks, to have the tyres removed and disposed of and then the rusty old wheels will go to for scrap. Well actually they’ll go into a trailer load of scrap which is in a local village, the contents of which (when it’s full) are sold, under license, to a local scrapyard and the money raised goes to the church.

But back to the body panels currently littering my lawn and patio area. A closer inspection of the panels has shown that they have all been painted in the same layers of paint which suggests that what we actually have, is a complete set of Bonnies original body panels! This is a massive bonus and Mud is more determined than ever to salvage as many of the panels as he can, using his trusty mallet and a block of wood to straighten out the worst of the dints.

All the  panels appear to be original to Bonnie

All the panels appear to be original to Bonnie

We’re still debating the colour we want for her but I’ve set my heart on a lightish green. Mud would prefer Bronze green but I’m not keen, as it puts me in mind of the horrible colour my uniform was when I was at secondary school, several hundred millennia ago and I really don’t want to be driving around in it. We’ve studied the paint charts and Mud is going to get a tester pot of Reseda green (RAL code 6011 for those of you who are interested in these things) to try on one of Bonnies panels, as this is supposed to be a match to Land Rover Atlantic green which is a Heritage colour. Yesterday he went to Halfords and came back with a can of Ford Highland Green (1977-1979) which he then sprayed, over grey primer, onto one of her doors. It was a little lighter than we thought it would be but the Reseda looks to be a touch darker and so we’ll give that a try.

Mind you, that said, he’s going to have to get the existing paint layers off the panels first and, if the bonnet and door are anything to go by, that will take some doing, as neither 4 coats of Nitromors nor 20 minutes with the electric sander, made much of an impression on the yellow top coat. I suspect Muds’ patience is going to be spread pretty thin and it won’t be long before he’s cursing all things land Rover once again ….. normal service, as they say, has been resumed.


4 thoughts on “A Bonnie addition to the garden

  1. Hi,
    Do you know any of the earlier history of this Land Rover? Did it come from Wales?

    • Hi Julian,

      My other half has been researching Bonnies past and he got so far back but I’m not entirely sure where to. If you click on either the mud4fun link on my blog roll or the link to his blog via the Landrover page at the top of my blog and leave a comment on one of the Bonnie posts, he will be able to reply more fully.

      Hope this helps
      Mrs Mud

  2. Hi Elaine. I understand you now with all of this. Hubby the Un-Gardener has deposited a very large boat in our driveway. Apparently it doesn’t need much work… I told him to do it then and have the boat back in the water by the end of October. I have seen people with boats in their yards for years! But the thing is – it is a very large boat and it is right there in the middle of it all. It should be interesting as he is just as much an un-boat builder as he is an un-gardener! We are relying on the kindness of friends who know about these things!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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