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I have a pretty lantern

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Glass Lantern

Sparkling in the sunshine – sadly this picture doesn’t do it justice.

We love candles in Mudville and generally have a tall, thin dinner candle in the candle holder Mud made from a defunct Land Rover wheel flange, taking pride of place in the centre of the dining table, with some scented tea lights in a holder on the windowsill. More scented tea lights can be found in the bathroom and lounge, adding a warm glow on an  autumnal or winter evening, although candles aren’t reserved exclusively for the shorter months but obviously to be able to appreciate their full beauty and ambience, darkness is required.

Last week we decided to have our evening meal outside but the prolonged warmth and humidity of the day resulted in there being quite a lot of bugs and flies in attendance, even quite late into the evening and it wasn’t long before they became so annoying we felt we had little choice but to retire inside.

“We need to get some citronella candles,” a disgruntled Mud declared and so I added them to the shopping list.

Close up of the globe part of the lantern

Close up of the globe part of the lantern

As it happened, the next day I had to pop into town and during the course of my shopping, came across a packet of citronella tea lights. Excellent. These would be fine for the outside table and so I bought them. Of course candles outside are fine if you have a sheltered or covered holder to put them in, otherwise even a gentle gust of wind can blow them out and so I made a mental note to look out for a suitable container.

Two days later and another trip into town was called for. Walking into the market square from the car park, I realised that it was market day, not that our local town market is that big. However, as I walked around the stalls I spotted some gorgeous metal and mosaic glass lanterns on display at a stall I hadn’t yet reached. I approached the display expecting the lanterns to be extremely expensive but to my delight I discovered that not only were they just £5 each, they were also designed to take a tea light.

For inside and outside use

For inside and outside use

What I really liked about the lanterns though, was the gorgeous glass mosaic detail that forms the globe. The lanterns were available in a host of colours, as each mosaic globe comprised a mix of coloured and clear glass tiles which I discovered later, creates a lovely pattern as the tea light burns inside and I am pretty sure those with coloured glass tiles would also cast a coloured glow as well.

I chose a lantern with iridescent, mother of pearl glass coloured tiles and I love the way the tiles glisten and shimmer in the daylight. The lantern also gives off a comforting and subtle glow at night and currently it is residing on the dining room table but it should work just as well outside, as there are a dozen breather holes in the metal top piece which will allow the citronella fragrance to escape and circulate.

All in all, I am very happy with my pretty little lantern and think it was an absolute bargain.


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