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Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: a new project


My new project

My new project

With the nights drawing in, I have found myself at a loose end on an evening, especially those nights when Mud has been working late. So I started to look for a project, this time for me and, after much searching and deliberation, I settled on this James C. Brett pattern for a sweater and hat. The jumper features patterned sleeves and a gorgeous looking panel of cable going up the center of the front piece (and I’m assuming the back).

With the pattern decided on, I then needed to pick which yarn I wanted to use. The pattern suggests using a James C. Brett double knit (DK) with Merino but I wasn’t entirely convinced on the colours available. So I had a look at other available DKs and ended up with a short list which I sent to Eldest Mudlet for her feedback, as she has a good sense of style and colour, not only for herself but for others. In the end and after much deliberation, we both felt that the style of the sweater and the pattern, suited the Damson (802) shade of King Cole Moods DK.

I love the colour of this yarn, especially the multi-coloured specks

I love the colour of this yarn, especially the multi-coloured specks

As with Eldest Mudlets’ green cardigan, I have decided to lengthen this jumper by one cable pattern repeat, as the finished article on the leaflet cover looks to be too short for my tastes. I tend to find myself constantly tugging waist or hip length tops down, as if to make them magically develop additional inches of length. The pattern leaflet only gives 1 overall yarn quantity needed per size which covers both the making of the jumper and the making of the hat for that size and and as I won’t be making the hat (I don’t need one), I’ll use the extra yarn for the extra length.

As for the yarn itself, it feels really nice as a ball but I will let you know how it feels to work with once I have the project started …. which will be very, very soon. The yarn is a blend of 68% Acrylic, 30% wool and 2% viscose and each 100g ball is approximately 323yds/294m long and comes in 12 shades.

Right, I’m off to go dig out my size 3.25mm and 4mm needles, so that I can get started.



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