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Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: the pattern panel


The first panel of pattern completed.

The first panel of pattern completed.

I love this yarn and the pattern. The colour is fabulous especially with the multi-coloured specks which are dotted about. The yarn itself handles nicely and has a soft feel about it. The waistband for this garment is a 2×2 rib which gives the waist a little more shape than a standard 1×1 rib.

As for the pattern panel, it is quite complex in terms of the different cable stitches that have to be carried out which makes a pleasant change, although there is still quite a bit of stocking stitch either side but then had it been patterned all the way across with such a design, it would have proved hard going. The darker colour of the yarn does make it a touch difficult to immediately spot any errors but so far (and touch wood) I have only made one such error (sending a cable turn the wrong way in front instead of behind) and was able to unpick that section and correct it relatively easily.

I have finished the first run through of the pattern and this measures approximately 11cm, so one extra repeat should be sufficient to provide the additional length I want. As is the way with a pattern, I am working my way through the steps much faster now, as I am more familiar with how the instructions flow and what the abbreviations stand for.

Time allowing, I hope to get the front section finished by the end of the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: the pattern panel

  1. Beautiful colour! Like a night sky.

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