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Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: the back and a cuff


The back is finished

The back is finished

When I chose this particular pattern, I did so based on the lovely cable panel than ran up the centre of the front section. Having just completed a couple of projects which were primarily stocking stitch, I found the idea of a more complicated cable pattern appealing and the fact that this was balanced with panels of stocking stitch on either side, meant that it should be ideal for this time of the year when the garden is slowing down but does still require some work and the nights are drawing in, reducing available day light hours to potter about in. Although there wasn’t a picture of the back of the jumper on the pattern leaflet, the fact that the sleeves were also patterned, albeit differently to the front, led me to think that the back would also be patterned and so, with that and bearing in mind my love of knitting cable patterns, the pattern was ordered and so was the yarn.

It wasn’t until I came to start the back section that I realised that it wasn’t actually patterned at all and that I was now doomed to yet more hours of plain old stocking stitch and I admit to feeling quite miffed, cheated almost, as I had been looking forward to more patterning, maybe the same pattern as the sleeves or several panels of the cable instead of the solitary one on the front. However, with the front section already finished, I had little choice but to continue.

A sleeve is started

A sleeve is started

I know that at this point, faced with disappointment and the tedium of stocking stitch, some of my fellow crafters (you know who you are) would have packed this project away in disgust or plain boredom and then either started something else or pulled out another WIP that had been put aside temporarily, whilst the newest project was completed. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury, as in general I only ever have one project on the go at any one time, thereby ensuring that I get it finished and don’t end up putting the less appealing ones away indefinitely whilst working on something a little more interesting.

As it happens, fate must have had a hand in this pattern choice because for the last 10 days or so I have been battling a virus that knocked me for six, left me aching and feeling generally energyless which in turn seemed to cause an annoying recurrence of an old neck injury, that has proved very draining and energy sapping. Thankfully the simple, uncomplicated stocking stitch suited this period of time beautifully as it neither called for the complicated yet minute twists, turns and twitches of arms, shoulders and muscles required whilst working a heavy piece of knitting during a complicated pattern sequence, nor did it require me to remember whereabouts in a pattern I was other than if I was on a purl or knit row.

The basket weave pattern on the sleeve.

The basket weave pattern on the sleeve will definitely need blocking.

The back section is now complete and I have cast on and started the first of the sleeves. As mentioned earlier, the sleeves are patterned but it is a nice 5 stitch x 5 row basket weave pattern which I am enjoying immensely and which is making the incorporation of the increase stitches really, really simple, as I work up from 53 to 87 stitches on the needle and will make the decreases for the raglan edges just as straightforward.

Meanwhile, at school Middle Mudlet has joined the newly formed knitting club and I have wished the teacher all the luck in the world as she tries to teach 12 children to knit. Having tried to teach both younger Mudlets to knit before, I know just how difficult it can be but it is great to see a young teacher trying to teach an old skill to both girls and boys. Middle Mudlet sat with me last night to practice and was thrilled to accomplish 4 rows of knitting, so maybe, between us, the teacher and I can finally get her started on the path to a worthwhile and practical crafting skill.





4 thoughts on “Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: the back and a cuff

  1. That virus has been doing the rounds. Hope you feel much better now. I know what you mean about feeling cheated when the back is plain – happened to me on my new green jumper for Mum!

  2. I hope you are now well on the mend. Annoying neck pain is no fun although mine is usually down to long stretches tensed up over the computer to meet a work deadline. Freya can always tell if I’m having a heavy week at work. ‘Are you stressed, Mummy?’
    You are zooming through that jumper. It’s looking wonderful.
    Hope you are back to form to enjoy the weekend.

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