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How the yarns wore


Little Mudlets Summer Stripes cardigan

Little Mudlets Summer Stripes cardigan

With the pattern and yarn for Eldest Mudlets Christmas present ordered and winging their way to me and my latest project finished, I find myself with some time on my hands this evening. With scant offerings on the TV, none of my numerous books tempting me and not enough time to start and finish one of my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles before Eldest Mudlets yarn arrives (tomorrow with any luck), I decided to do a review on how the yarns I used for mine and the Mudlets garments over the last year, have washed and worn. Often we gush and enthuse over a newly finished project, happily extolling the feel and workability of the yarn, only to find one or two washes down the road, that the shape hasn’t held or the yarn hasn’t coped well with everyday use. So here are my evaluations of certain projects a few months to a year down the line.

Sirdar Country Style DK

  • Blend: 40% nylon, 30% wool, 30% acrylic
  • Cost: £2.89 per 50g ball

I loved this cardigan when it was first completed but I soon realised that the yarn was mildly irritating to my skin. I was determined not to be put off and did wear it several times, usually over a short sleeved t-shirt but unfortunately, despite taking infinite care when washing this garment (30 degree wool cycle), the yarn has become quite compact and firm and the pattern is very fuzzy looking now. The write up on this yarn claims that it is easy care, machine washable and tumble dryer proof (I don’t have a dryer so can’t comment) but I can’t agree with either of the first two claims. I have hung it up to dry, gently pressed it to try and soften the feel but to no avail and the cardigan feels quite uncomfortable to wear now and so I won’t be using this particular yarn again any time soon.

Eldest Mudlets Christmas present

Eldest Mudlets Christmas present

Sirdar Americana DK

  • Blend: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
  • Cost: £3.99 per 50g ball

This really was a nice yarn to work with, easy to handle and not easily split and the finished top was really pretty and Eldest Mudlet loved it. She has worn the top often and it has maintained its’ shape and texture really well and it was still getting compliments just a few weeks ago. There is a good choice of Sirdar patterns designed with this yarn in mind and whilst the choice of colours is limited in number, they are a nice selection. I would definitely use it again and in fact, there are one or two patterns which have caught my eye, so I may yet end up making something else from this yarn.

King Cole top in King Cole Opium DK

  • Blend: 54% cotton, 42% premium acrylic, 4% polyamide
  • Cost: £4.69 per 100g ball

Another success, this top is as nice to wear now as it was when it was first made back in January. It is slightly baggier on me than it was but then that is due, I’m guessing, more to the weight I have lost than any issues with the yarn. The pattern itself was an easy one and the hang and swing of the top, feels nice and not too hot for a summers day. I liked working with this yarn so much that I agreed to make a cardigan for Eldest Mudlet in another shade. Both of us are more than happy with our King Cole Opium garments.

Sirdar Summer Stripes DK cardigan

  • Blend: 60%cotton, 40% acrylic
  • Cost: £3.69 per 50g ball

This little cardigan (top photo) was made for Little Mudlet. Although there were some issues with the actual pattern (the sleeves just didn’t work), the finished garment looked very pretty, in its’ predominantly muted shades of pink. Judging by Little Mudlets reactions, it is comfortable to wear and keeps the chill off quite nicely. Being a childs item of clothing, washability was very important and this top has maintained its shape, pattern and texture brilliantly, in spite of numerous washing cycles. I would happily use this yarn again.

Middle Mudlet loves her jumper

Middle Mudlet loves her jumper

Stripey jumper in King Cole Flash

  • Blend: 100% premium acrylic
  • Cost: £3.79 per 100g ball

When Middle Mudlet chose this yarn for her jumper, I was more than a little worried. In my experience 100% acrylic yarn can be harsh and not pleasant to either work with or wear. She was adamant though, even after looking through pages of other yarns and so I ordered her yarn and waited for it to turn up. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as the yarn felt soft to touch and proved to be nice and easy to work with. Middle Mudlet has worn this jumper dozens of times and yet it has washed brilliantly, maintaining its’ shape and its’ texture and is soft and comfortable to wear. Yet another yarn I would buy again.

It remains to be seen how my latest jumper performs over the next few months but I hope it wears well. It is definitely more comfortable to wear than the Sirdar Country Style cardigan of last year but the real test will be seeing how well, or not, it washes and whether or not it keeps its’ soft feel and finished shape


5 thoughts on “How the yarns wore

  1. This is genius! You’re right: we all focus on newly finished objects, but rarely think or write about how our knits stand the test of time. Glad to see that yours are generally doing well. 🙂

  2. Really interesting. It just goes to show that you never know how a yarn is going to feel or perform. My lovely alpaca cowl of last winter make me itch but I’ve only since discovered there are different grades of Alpaca. What a price to pay for a garment that gets little wear!

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